Bobbleheads vote to raise Pam Reece’s salary

By: Diane Benjamin Documentation for Normal Monday night: Start on PDF page 40. Is Pam Reece going to take another job and relocate if Normal doesn’t give her a raise? Doubtful since her husband is a local lawyer. Since staff prepares the budget, Reece budgeted her own raise: PDF page 41 claims Reece’s salary […]

Tim Gleason gets a raise

By: Diane Benjamin The 2.5% raise is on the Consent Agenda which means nobody will talk about it unless it gets pulled: Tim Gleason’s new salary isn’t reported unless you go to the ordinance to be approved: One more change: Instead of receiving the $550 a month car allowance, the City will be paying […]

Normal: It just gets worse

By:  Diane Benjamin See the budget session documentation in this story: PDF page 100 – Administration Accomplishments: (Is the new Director of Innovation and Technology the reason video of meetings has failed THREE times.  The video of this budget session still has no sound for half of it.  What are they hiding?) Here’s why […]

Future of Joliet city manager said to be uncertain

That would be David Hales – looks like Joliet is way smarter than Bloomington was! City Manager David Hales’ future in Joliet may be up in the air. Sources said that the City Council has begun to consider the prospect of Hales leaving before the end of his contract and possibly before the end […]

Part 2: Nikita Richards

By:  Diane Benjamin See Part 1 here: See Part 3 here: If Nikita is still employed at the City of Bloomington after obviously accessing political websites from a City computer, maybe the new City Manager can explain why.  Tim Gleason?  After reading the information below, he REALLY needs to explain why she is still […]

Guest Editorial: Deep Disappointment

Bloomington City Council Members: At this point, I have to trust that during the search and decision process for a new City Manager, you all garnered significantly more knowledge and capability, than any single citizen has, linked to selecting the best candidate for City Manager. At this point your constituents can only hope that the future provides […]

Sneak through a consultant

By:  Diane Benjamin This item is on the agenda for the pre-council meeting Monday, it’s buried at the bottom. Delivering City services in a cost effective efficient manner?  PDF page 63: , Wasting $20,000 to search for a City Manager! . Connect the dots: GovHR website lists Heidi Voorhees prominently: has this:   So […]

Citizen Budget cuts

By:  Diane Benjamin Since Alderman Hauman’s citizen budget group hasn’t been allowed to discuss their findings at a Council meeting, I want you to see their work. (moving the library and a Welcoming Ordinance for illegals are evidently more important) The group started with the items discussed at the November retreat.  The retreat was the […]

Normal spent $20,000 anyway

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal picked their assistant City Manager to replace Mark Peterson.  Evidently the search firm they hired couldn’t find anybody better than Pamela Reece.  They throw away $20,000 to find that out though.  Is Bloomington going to throw away money too?  Steve Rasmussen is right there in front of them! […]

Did Bloomington hire a Temp City Manager?

Update:  “Bob”s position isn’t clear, maybe he will be Steve’s assistant.  Two interims! By:  Diane Benjamin A good source tells me that  Robert “Bob” Mahrt has been hired as interim City Manager for Bloomington.  He was the interim City Administrator in Lincoln.  He quit today with one day notice saying Bloomington needs him NOW. No word […]

What’s a “bona fide plan holder”?

By:  Diane Benjamin Nobody checked into why David Hales left Bend Oregon after only 2 years and all the records were sealed.  See this story: Obviously nobody in Joliet did any independent research of David Hales either since the Council had no idea 5 people were charged with 111 felony counts while he was in […]

David Hales is sucking your money too!

By:  Diane Benjamin Since Hales is doing such a phenomenal job with things like great roads and public services, he get another raise Monday night.  The potted plants will of course comply, putting out scare propaganda like police and firemen will be cut if the State cuts our funds, must be rewarded!  Details here: […]

David Hales’ Monthly report

By:  Diane Benjamin The December City Manager’s Report is now on-line: The City goal:  Measuring Performance – Targeting Results The report by the Police only has one chart comparing current violent crime to a 4 year average.  The property crimes chart is only for a year.  I’d like to see year-to-year comparisons so performance […]

Ditch the City Manager?

by:  Diane Benjamin The International City Managers Association (ICMA) sends a DAILY email.  Remember, Mayor Renner used to work for this group and David Hales is a member. The story below from the email caught my attention.  Why would an International group want to promote council-manager form of government? Update on ICMA’s Fund for Professional Management […]

Mark Peterson doesn’t like transparency

by:  Diane Benjamin Remember this email?  Remember how the City of Bloomington tried to hide it from a Freedom of Information Act request?  Remember how I filed a complaint with the International City Managers Association since they “claim” to have a code of ethics?  They still haven’t made a determination on my complaint.  Ethics in […]

Who is City Manager David Hales?

Type “Hales” in the search box for TONS more information! by Diane Benjamin Don’t jump to the end –  it will say where this information is from, but have fun reading until then! All quotes: In both previous evaluations, the council said Hales exceeded expectations, rating him an average of 3.9 out of 5 in […]

David Hales overpaid?

by Diane Benjamin Tonight the City Council will approve a huge raise for David Hales.  The poor guy hasn’t received a pay raise since he was hired, his salary is only $150,000 per year.  Everything is so great in Bloomington, he obviously deserves an increase!  The roads are great and pensions are funded.  The City […]