Sneak through a consultant

By:  Diane Benjamin

This item is on the agenda for the pre-council meeting Monday, it’s buried at the bottom.

Delivering City services in a cost effective efficient manner? 

PDF page 63:


Wasting $20,000 to search for a City Manager!


Connect the dots:

GovHR website lists Heidi Voorhees prominently: has this:


So what is Par Group?

Google:  PAR Group GovHR

You will see this link toward the bottom:

Do Democrats require taxpayer money for friends whenever possible?

Normal did the same thing and then hired from within.





4 thoughts on “Sneak through a consultant

  1. Once again, we NEED a committee to get a study and report back to us and let us know IF we need to consult some consultants about the proposal to hire a new manager, in which case we NEED a consultant but first we need a “search” to find the proper consultant. Let’s run this by a task force.. Oh wait, we HAVE a council-DUH!


    1. Buragas Farnsworth McLean County Regional Planning Commission…I bet we could make connections just like that for every single council member. We do not even need six degrees.


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