Bloomington buying more property

By:  Diane Benjamin

PDF page 447:

Monday night the City wants to buy a house adjacent to the old Coachman Hotel property.  The address is 404 E Washington.

Less than a month ago a developer talked about building “affordable” housing on the Coachman property which the City also owns.

The City is planning to pay $95,000 for the new property.  Sweet deal since the County has the property valued at $49,950:


Structures will probably be torn down to make way for the new low-income property.  Are taxpayers going to be fleeced with that cost too?

Is the Assessor doing a poor job valuing property, or is the City spending over-value because your money doesn’t matter?

14 thoughts on “Bloomington buying more property

  1. Because the city is so good at developing, right? This is unreal! Well, look at it this way, with “affordable housing” the City can bring in some customers for Green Top Grocery, which is dead. Hahaha! As if those on assistance can afford a $5 loaf of bread.

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  2. Government owned low income housing has failed miserably in the past. Look no further than the “projects” in Chicago. This City is facing a long term financial crisis yet the Council continues to spend money on questionable endeavors.


    1. When “the projects” in Chicago were torn down, many of the former occupants werr shipped down here. Notice how crime is through the roof?


  3. I know the owner of the property next to that lot. He offered to buy it and put in green space but Tari said no. Now a low income housing going in there? Just wait till the residents that live in apartment building find THAT out! Can u imagine how fast the property values will go down .


    1. Since when can an elected official decide if a private individual can or cannot purchase a price of property. Maybe temporary green space. The owner could develop the property better than the government.


  4. Based on what we are trying to sell our house for (so far unsuccessfully), It is worth even less than that. We have our house listed $24k below “appraised value” and still haven’t been able to sell it. It is a nice house too, built 6 years ago, no pets, no kids, awesome yard.


  5. If the government wasn’t wasting and spending and stealing so much money from the taxpayers, we wouldn’t need so much more “affordable” housing as the real flow of capitalism would work.

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  6. WOW. All the poor folks will be able to stroll down to Green Top and SNAP up some deals, AND get their $25 purchase matched. How much MORE DEMOCRATIC can we get? They have already taxed and SPENT like crazy, so I guess now, we save the poor and feed them well, so they have strength to vote! Let’s sign them up for classes at I.W.U. but ONLY if they take Political Science (and WHAT the heck is that REALLY??)
    Does it deal with the effect of gravity waves going through a politicians body? Or the black matter and vacuums in between their ears..

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