Renner attack flashback

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video below is from 2014.  I have NO idea why it has gotten close to 8000 views in the last month.  Maybe Tari will be the next internet sensation.

This is the video of him attacking Judy Stearns for doing the unforgivable – proposing cuts.  His speech prior to the attack is great comedy.  He mentions ideological mayors always fail because they don’t provide essential services.  I wonder if he means services like fixing the roads?

Fast forward to 2:50 or listen to the whole thing!  Lots of people are enjoying the show!


14 thoughts on “Renner attack flashback

  1. The silence from the women’s groups and feminists was/is deafening. Any press release from the anti-bullying crusaders with Not In Our Town? Yup, didn’t think so. Hey, Judy can hold her own, but the double-standard is evident. Tari got a free pass and the community got a black eye.

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    1. The League of Women Voters are just a bunch of liberal Tari worshippers. The advocate for abortions paid for by taxpayers, breaking laws, and discouraging women who have Christian values. It is disgusting. They push whatever agenda Mike Matejka, Koos, and Tari Renner tell them to! As a woman I advocate against them.


  2. chuckle ,, arrogance and self imposed importance at it’s lowest form . little has changed ,, except perhaps fewer yes folk in the council .. eyes are opening and the spin is not as strong . he still has two predominate backers , but they are ingrained into the spin . the same type of spin the mayor decry s as bad here in his rant .spoiled and one who wrote the book ..good grief .


  3. Notice how Scott Black comes to the defense of the mayor.
    The mayor degrades women. He more or less tells Judy she doesn’t know what she is talking about. It’s more like he is clueless and should have done the research.

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    1. I am celebrating. My mother’s subscription to the local social newspaper I am not renewing for her. She is in rehab after falling. Into the garbage can the renewal letter went. That saved about $400 per year for her. About $76 for 10 weeks. Forget it!.

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  4. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I were at a pizza restaurant downtown sitting at the bar. My wife noticed that Tari and a few others came in after a show at the BCPA. I was talking about going over and asking if he was covering their pizza with the city P-card and then laugh at him for getting it taken away. The owner of the restaurant didn’t think that was a good idea. He a cool guy, so I went back to eating my pizza and talking to my wife. There were a couple older gentlemen sitting next to my wife and the subject came up if that was Tari sitting at the table behind us. My wife confirmed to them that it was Tari. The conversation at the bar continued about how much of a a**hole Tari is. My wife covered the tab for the two older guys beers. When they left, one of them walked by Tari and told him that, “that young couple at the bar bought their drinks, so what are you going to do for us”. Tari told them that he was going to fix the roads. My wife who has not had an adult beverage started to laugh and called Tari a liar. It was funny. Tari is a jerk.


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