Harmony Park – Cool idea!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A local group is working to create:

The First Inclusive Playground in McLean County

designed for all Ages and Abilities

The City of Bloomington has already budgeted $85,000 to replace the existing playground equipment, the safe accessible equipment costs $350,000.  Grants to cover part of the difference have been received.  They still need around $200,000.  This project is a true public-private partnership, it doesn’t put the risk and expense on taxpayers.

The group has a website:   https://www.harmonyparkproject.org/

They are also on Facebook.

Donations of ANY size are needed for this project.  Kids of all abilities deserve a save place to play!

I’m sure they would be happy to meet with community groups to discuss the project.

More information:


11 thoughts on “Harmony Park – Cool idea!

  1. WOW! What a wonderful ideal! Children, no matter WHAT, deserve a fun place to play and have fun. It builds strength, character, moral and most of all camaraderie. I learned at a young age, just because someone may have a disability don’t mean that their mind don’t work overtime… They DEAL with obstacles all the time..
    Thanks for posting this…


    1. Rich, the point of the article has to do with public-private partnerships. Wouldn’t it be great if all groups with special interests or “needs” took responsibility for their expenses rather than expecting taxpayers to foot the entire bill? $85,000 might pay for one City employee


    2. Rich – The equipment is reaching the end of its useful life and will soon either need to be removed or replaced. So unfortunately some money has be spent to avoid having a dangerous or roped-off playground. That’s why this park was selected for the project. Playgrounds and roads both benefit the community – hopefully we can find a balance.


  2. A complainer calling someone a complainer; pot, meet kettle. Hey…here’s an idea. If they sold the coliseum, they could have all the money they wanted for playgrounds AND roads.


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