Harmony Park – Cool idea!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A local group is working to create:

The First Inclusive Playground in McLean County

designed for all Ages and Abilities

The City of Bloomington has already budgeted $85,000 to replace the existing playground equipment, the safe accessible equipment costs $350,000.  Grants to cover part of the difference have been received.  They still need around $200,000.  This project is a true public-private partnership, it doesn’t put the risk and expense on taxpayers.

The group has a website:   https://www.harmonyparkproject.org/

They are also on Facebook.

Donations of ANY size are needed for this project.  Kids of all abilities deserve a save place to play!

I’m sure they would be happy to meet with community groups to discuss the project.

More information:




  1. WOW! What a wonderful ideal! Children, no matter WHAT, deserve a fun place to play and have fun. It builds strength, character, moral and most of all camaraderie. I learned at a young age, just because someone may have a disability don’t mean that their mind don’t work overtime… They DEAL with obstacles all the time..
    Thanks for posting this…


  2. $85,000 dollars? How many potholes would that fill. Seriously, this city can’t manage its way out of a paper bag.


  3. A complainer calling someone a complainer; pot, meet kettle. Hey…here’s an idea. If they sold the coliseum, they could have all the money they wanted for playgrounds AND roads.


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