Did Bloomington hire a Temp City Manager?

Update:  “Bob”s position isn’t clear, maybe he will be Steve’s assistant.  Two interims!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A good source tells me that  Robert “Bob” Mahrt has been hired as interim City Manager for Bloomington.  He was the interim City Administrator in Lincoln.  He quit today with one day notice saying Bloomington needs him NOW.

No word on where that leaves Bloomington’s current Interim City Manager – Steve Rasmussen.

Probably not happy.  He was doing three jobs though.

The Council can not vote on hiring him tonight since it isn’t on the agenda.

If Tari and company wanted to keep this a secret, they should have hired somebody from farther away!

7 thoughts on “Did Bloomington hire a Temp City Manager?

  1. I tried to be mean to him, thinking that would help him. I hope he brings the Council out into the light for all to see!

  2. Tari will never bring in someone that doesn’t agree with him 100% of the time or agree to support his every move. Just like Peterson is Koos’ enforcer, I’d expect the same from ol’ Tari over in Bloomington.

  3. There are no secrets in Bloomington Illinois just local traditional media outlets that do not report the news just what is presented to them in press releases.
    Ragagraph has State Farm as a legal stock holder. Now he controls who?
    This guy cannot keep a job it looks like Aledo, Mahomet and Lincoln.
    Would like to hear David Anderson’s take on this and other topics.
    He was the only City Manager to work for both cities. Interview him please.

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