Welcoming Ordinance-tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

I attended the meeting.  Public comment was extended to an hour, everyone who signed up before the meeting got to speak.

The people who showed up were overwhelmingly supportive of the ordinance.  I found it amusing that separation of Church and State doesn’t apply to illegal immigration.  Many quoted Bible verses.  I wonder what would happen if Bible verses were used to denigrate the debt and wasteful spending of the Council!

People opposed did speak too.  Many pointed out the ordinance is illegal and illegal immigration is a crime.

The crowd erupted in applause for speakers they liked, Renner did nothing to discourage them.  Future crowds who want to express their joy or displeasure now can.  Renner has no grounds to stop them.

The Bloomington City Council needs to decide of they will operate as representatives of their wards or if loud voices will make their decisions for them.  Do they govern on facts or feelings?

The police department checked their records back to 2002.  They have never participated in deporting anyone.  In other words, there is no need for the ordinance.  The discussion only happened because Donald Trump is president.

Everything that was said in support of the ordinance was blown out of the water by Chief Heffner.  According to him the ordinance endangers public safety.  I will be posting his entire speech when it’s done uploading.

Did the Council hear him?  Not Scott Black.  He wants everyone to feel safe even though Chief Heffner made it clear there is no threat.

At some point the City will be posting the entire video.  Aldermen Bray and Sage were the only reasonable voices.  Alderman Mwilambwe sort of agreed.  The rest waffled.  They decided it needs more conversation.






6 thoughts on “Welcoming Ordinance-tonight

  1. Thank You Diane for being there! Thank you for always reporting the truth. Thank you for giving voice to the unheard citizens of Bloomington.


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