Chief Heffner video

Imagine an hour of mostly people wanting this ordinance before the Chief spoke.  He even received applause from some ordinance supporters when he finished.

11 thoughts on “Chief Heffner video

  1. I literally had goosebumps. He is a good man. I almost cried, not because he said anything particulary emotional but he spoke the truth and that is something that I see so little of in our town. The truth is beautiful.


  2. absolutely no more of my $$ going downtown restaurants & stores & more online ordering…….& I will be either calling or emailing these businesses the reason why………including Vicky Tilton……..


    1. Except for an occasional Poblano Burrito and before that when it was La Bamba I honestly can not remember the last time I have spent any money “downtown”. It’s been at least 7-8 years.


  3. The Chief uneeds to be Mayor.Hes got a level head and he’s reasonable. That man has more come sense and brain power than all ten knuckleheads sittting at the podium. He’s the professional and he knows the detail, the law, police administration, etc. Every time something happens on the street, the police are first to be blamed regardless of the facts. FACTS DONT MATTER TO THE IGNORANT LEFT ANYMORE because they are either too stupid to understand the facts, or they are brainwashed by ignorant unchallenged professors drawing huge salaries thus adversely impacting the tuitions these twits will probably default on, and these professors find it more fun to screw up these kids minds with this left wing garbage and then hop off to run a city as Mayor while calling these collective parasites to action by declaring a severe injustice is occurring that MUST BE CORRECTED, only to find out that none of this bunk has never happened going back as far as they could in the City Records to 2002, according to his own Police Chief !Why can’t they stay out of the Chiefs pond? He know what he’s doing. I’ll tell you the reasons. It’s not because there are any problems that need to be fixed by the phony solution they are creating to solve the non existent problem THEY Want you to believe exists that really doesn’t ! Got alll that liberal doublespeak mumble jumbo? No, no, no! They want to grab further political control of the country and our way of life by pandering to the uneducated and poor, promising them them the moon and back and delivering them nothing but lies, deceit, crumb, and heartbreak. Politically motivated poverty pimps like Mike Mateka, Scott Black, and Tari Renner use and abuse them for their own personal gain and these people are too stupid to fall for it. What more can you expect from a nutcase who jumps up and down like a monkey at City Council Public Comment and screams obscenities? Right Aaron, I mean Buddha?

    Then there are these snowflake college kids egged on by wacko Professors like the Mayor who should be studying and teaching in Beijing or Cuba not BloNo, IL . We have a Republic form of goverment, Your little pressure group isn’t that big, The silent majority is at home, Don’t awaken the bear says the Chinese. They are smart. Be smart like them. You are the silent minority. You kids and the Village Idiot BUDDAH, listen up, the KKK, BP, BLM, ANTIFA, SH , AR= All the Same, Hate groups All founded by Democrats/ liberals. FACT. You are the vilest most hatefilled generation I’ve seen and most of you can give me a good run at it at times. I lived through the 60’s , I remember segregation in the early 60’s, I also remember strong black families then with fathers in most households. I went to school with migrant kids. We didn’t have big problems back then. Thank LBJ, the Great Society, the Social Welfare Program taking men out of the black homes, creating high rise projects all done by white male democrats to control the black vote and population, and yet there is still a segment of the black society that honors andnkisses thebfeet of these men , the forefathers of Mateka an Renner. Thank god there are more blacks who have have seen the light and have become Conservatives, than there are in a hate group based upon a false narrative like BLM. Notice I said Conservatives, not Republications. Our party is out of order due to being hijacjacked by RINOS.

    Watch Fox’s Jesse Watters segment with college kids answering questions on current events-that’s most of the type of kids I saw on camera tonight. What you didn’t see is the thousands of kids, attending the same schools in BloNo, who knew better, they knew that this dog is not going to hunt. They were smart and didn’t waste there time on this garbage,This is politically motivated hyperbole . This is all about getting more votes, grabbing more control, pandering, & “getting Donald Trump removed from office”, No student no police officer, no Mayor, NOBODY, can make an illegal alien safe in Bloomington. This silly Ordinance is a sad attempt at giving naive people a false sense of security.Why don’t you just stamp “Sucker” on a yellow cutout lollipop and they can wear it on their shirt so we know who they are? If ICE rolls into Bloomington, and wants to do a raid, a roundup, or arrest an illegal alien, they can and will do, what they came to do, and any official impeding that arrest, including a BPD officer, is getting charged with a felony- automatic 5 yrs in the Federal penitentiary, and 10 yrs if death or serious injury is involved. No state or local goverment can make a law that conflicts with the U S Constitution. Go back to community college in Florida or high school Rennner. Give your PHD back. Better yet, you need your mental health evaluated. You’re not fit for office. Based on every wrongdoing you have done while performing your duties as Mayor, and this includes repeated attacks verbal attacks upon citizens, you need to be evaluated by medical professionals to determine if you’re fit to serve, or we , as citizens need to find a judge to declare you unfit, and have you removed in accordance with The ILMC and The Illinois Constitution. You know Mayor the BIG BOY CONSTITUTION governing all States, Commonwealths, and Territories of the USA that YOU have failed to PROVIDE PROOF that you have allegedly sworn to recently, after you initially refused to do so at your initial swearing in ceremony last spring.


  4. The chief hit a home run! Well-delivered, disciplined, and professional in his remarks. This measure will be mothballed (at least for a little while). I’m guessing Tari wasn’t expecting the chief’s remarks. Payback sucks, eh Tari?!


    1. Payback will be from Tari when he now will probably want to replace Chief Hefner for not being on Tari’s bandwagon. Take a look around at the rest of the a**list kissers.


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