Christmas: Downtown vrs Uptown

by:  Diane Benjamin

Both Bloomington and Normal are bankrupting their towns and citizens with Utopian dreams.  The difference is Normal spent taxpayer money where people can see it, Bloomington threw money away on a failing Coliseum and heavily subsidized BCPA.

The difference is obvious when you look at the Christmas decorations the towns put up.  Bloomington strung a single strand of lights and put up a couple of snowflakes (or something).  Normal has a unified plan throughout Uptown.

Both towns love debt, so the result will be the same.  People will continue to leave as taxes and fees continue to increase.  Normal is just going bankrupting themselves with style.  Bloomington will just go down.

Very short videos from a reader:


12 thoughts on “Christmas: Downtown vrs Uptown

  1. Why aren’t all the hipsters who live downtown decorating their hip neighborhood? I didn’t wait for the city to decorate mine!


  2. What hipsters?! Downtown Bloomington is run by a bunch of old hags who can’t agree on the time of day. (Well, they do agree that government should spend money on them.) There are multiple committees and subcommittees, yet nothing gets done. They’re so out of touch with reality! Funny how the Downtown crowd waits around for the government to do things for them. If they really liked and believed in Downtown, maybe they should show it and be the change they want to see.


  3. Don’t forget about the non-offensive, politically correct, welcoming “Happy Holidays” sign on the Bloomington courthouse square.


    1. Yikes! “Happy Holidays”? That implies everyone celebrates a holiday. What about those that don’t celebrate a holiday? They need to change that sign to “Happy Winter Solstice” so as not to offend anyone. Haha!


    2. But they all take time off and most of all EXPECT to have the time off! Let those offended demand to go to work and go to school. Never see it.


  4. The lights will be coming to Downtown soon. The Downtown Task Force is recommending lights as part of their “place making” concept.


  5. Wait, doesn’t uppity town look like that everyday/night? I don’t go there much but did they ever take those lights down or turn them off?


  6. It is SO sad that BOTH Bloomington and UPTOWN have gone so far to the dogs, that they aren’t even recognizable anymore! Koos and co. have RUINED UPTOWN and Tari and his rectum rangers have looked the other way in Bloomington for SO LONG that it is NOT The town I grew up in and WAS so proud to be from! The streets are horrible, they have raised the taxes to an unreasonable amount, to where I DO NOT buy things here anymore and NOW they want illegal people to rule the roost!
    WRONG! Just plain WRONG! And WHAt they want to do to Fairway Dr is just a plain DUMB idiots ideal of “good” change” . Just like JOHNEE changing Hershey to 30 mph.
    THAT really worked too!
    BOTTOM LINE. The current Mayor, AND council is GREAT at an avoidance complex! Let’s bring up NEW stuff that will be a division and controversy, and let the infrastructure be DAMNED! JOHNEE, maybe YOU should have eaten some of those SMARTIEES that you handed out during YOUR re-election run. Might have done ya SOME good!


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