Is cash missing from the Palms Grill?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Atlanta Illinois

Is cash missing or are Sales Taxes just underpaid?

An investigation was done by an Atlanta resident based on information she received under the Freedom of Information Act.

From April 2016 through October 2017 she found Cash Register Sales were higher by $36,646 than what was reported to the State of Illinois:

The difference resulted in an underpayment to the State of $2,890:

I’ve got 20 pages of documentation for these numbers.  See it HERE

The next investigation to be done is matching Cash Register receipts with Bank Deposits.  That may be difficult since I’m hearing many of the deposits are in round numbers.  They shouldn’t be.

The big question is:

When is the Atlanta Library Board going to realize they have a problem?

They are either:

Ignoring the facts




I wonder which one it is.

This is yet another example of why government isn’t capable of running a business!




10 thoughts on “Is cash missing from the Palms Grill?

  1. Well maybe someone needs to check the golf course receipts? Randy Brooks is involved in both government run businesses. Anyone ever think about that? I say when we get done with the Library we start opening the books on the city since I heard they don’t even know if they have a balanced budget or not. They appear to be just a bunch of followers just like the library.


    1. So much dishonesty….used yo be that public officials wanted to improve/expand & better the community they represented. Really sad that there is so much greed in our society. Small, medium or large communities are victims of manipulating citizens. Bottom line…why do people think they will “never” get caught? I commend the watch dog groups & the individuals that spend countless hours tracking meetings, activities & unethical practices by these so- called city leaders.


  2. Heck, Sound like the SAME gang of PRIMATES that we have here in Bloomington and UPCHUCK! Maybe they go to those “mayor retreats” and take some kind of dumb idiot exam, so they can explain stuff to OTHER politicians!!! Could be that’s WHY the public can’t relate to them, as they are OUT OF TOUCH! EXCEPT with YOUR doe ray me!


  3. A friend and I were debated when Green Top Grocery would have to start fudging its numbers (to the public at least). That place has to be bleeding money. Of course, Tari and the City Council (2 of whom are investors) can’t admit that it’s a colossal failure. Perhaps, WGLT and the Pantagraph can run another fluff piece/plea to shop there.


    1. You can’t compare Palms Grill with Green Top Grocery. Palms Grill is owned by the Atlanta Library which is the people/taxpayers of the community while Green Top is owned by consumers or people in the community who are interested in supporting local farmers & food which means fresher produce & other foods and provides healthier food options than are found in grocery stores which are not locally owned. In dealing with local food sources, you are able to keep more money in the community & they are also supporting the community by giving back monthly to local charities, etc. The Food Coop concept is fairly new & obviously/sadly very misunderstood about its purpose & how it operates. Can’t control who wants to support them as an owner. There are over 250 food coops nationwide & this concept is growing as people are interested in supporting local food & healthier food options. Just look at what is happening in the chain grocery stores where their natural food section has outgrown their space—people are starting to recognize the quality of their food impacts their health!


      1. With the mayor and Council taxing anything that moves most people can’t pay GT’s prices. Maybe more people would go there is they hadn’t taken tax breaks. A lot of people will not shop anywhere that government subsidized. They could have launched in any one of the empty builds instead of building


      2. From talking with Marilynn Richert who supports Fair Tax, what was offered to Green Top would be a program offered through Fair Tax to any business. In building, they are purchasing products from the community. The option to build was cheaper than renovating an existing building. The store is unique in the fact it carries many local suppliers. Certified organic is going to cost more because it costs more to produce and is healthier. Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on your health, you can save four dollars in healthcare costs. Over 85% of what is found in grocery stores is processed foods—not real food & as a result might explain why America is the sickest nation in the world! Food chains & other chains like Walmart support big government. This concept is getting back to basics of locally owned, operated, & supplied by local merchants and the store is giving back to the community. These farmers pay a fair wage to the employees and don’t rely on migrant workers (keep in mind tax payer dollars support these workers so that farmers have cheap labor) & some operations have also brought in many illegals, too. Obviously Green Top sales has been strong & they are doing very well—-boycott them if you like, but your turning your nose up to the highest quality produce and other foods in B-N & turning your back against many local suppliers—those who are paying taxes & supporting the community!


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