When will Tari be indicted?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed this FOIA request with the Illinois State Police on December 5th:


I received this response today:

Justice delayed is justice denied!

The investigation has been going on since August.

Is this why Tari is pandering to his supporters and trying to cram as much through the Council as possible?





11 thoughts on “When will Tari be indicted?

  1. Makes you lose faith in the criminal justice system. The reality of them still conducting an investigation at this time is slim to none.

    1. Big difference, Tarry, actually has done stuff to be chastised/indicted for, “Donny”, has not. I just sincerely hope Renner is convicted on something, he’s run roughshod and unfettered for far too long.

  2. NOTHING in the court or justice system has ANY inkling of rapidity to it. Usually it moves slower then maple sirup at the south pole. Maybe they are still “digging up” stuff on Tari??

    1. It looks like he used the card to pay for other people lunches. If he couldn’t use the card to pay for a plane ticket for his gal pal, then it seem reasonable that it could be illegal to use it for his friends’ launches. This could take the police sometime to short through.

  3. Diane – Law enforcement moves slow in financial-related investigations. They cannot risk forgetting to dot an “i” or cross a “t”, especially with a public figure. ISP doesn’t want to bear the burden of providing bad case law to prosecutors simply because they were in a hurry. Based on the reply, I think the investigation is likely still ongoing. The investigation is not going to close up simply because they verified one or a few charges. It’s probably a more advanced and comprehensive review. Generally, fraud, embezzlement, misuse, misappropriation, etc. is not detected the first time it’s happened. Meaning, ISP is probably going back to see if there are other past incidences and forming a timeline and case. The more they have, the greater the case and bargaining power when it comes to trial. As much as I disagree with and loath Tari, he is 100% innocent until proven guilty. We’ll see what happens here.

  4. More people have come out of the wood work so they are not caught up with his latest situation that also will need investigated. He also has done some more things in public that they might see as new issues to review abuse of power and etc ?

    I have confidence in the ISP since their investigative team meets or exceeds this outline of needs for a team related to financial type of investigation. Past experience with the ISP in our area also gives me even more confidence the job will be done right for all involved.

    Investigative teams should include individuals with the expertise necessary to analyze
    significant volumes of financial, banking and accounting documents, including wire transfers, accounting or financial statements, tax records. They should also include investigators with experience in gathering business and financial intelligence.
    identifying complex illegal use of public fund schemes, following the money trail and using investigative techniques including electronic surveillance, wire-tapping, search warrants, and witness interviews. In some cases, it may be useful or necessary to appoint experts or consultants who bring technical expertise, for example in
    financial analysis, forensic accounting, and computer forensics.

  5. If it was someone I knew with this even getting turned into an investigation tied to taking this long. My advice would be get a lawyer now ask to for a sit down with the lawyer and tell all openly and transparently if you truly have been told by the city legal dept. that making her a delegate after the trip shields you from the allegations.

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