Is Joliet hiring Hales?

Looks like the Council vote is Tuesday:

Should I disable comments so readers don’t ruin anything?




11 thoughts on “Is Joliet hiring Hales?

    1. If he gets the job, is Bloomington going to do a national search for his replacement instead of promoting the assistant? Did we do a national search for an assistant who isn’t capable of taking the top job? Either way, we get to find the Hales bodies – just like Hamilton’s started showing up.


      1. As much as the comic relief is worth, here is the reality of the issue:
        Joliet is work in progress; a successful armory biz and oil and gas distribution site for the Midwest; and the Joliet economic and development work going on there is simply part of a larger agenda – that of CMAP.
        CMAP is a 7-county regional planning entity in which Chicago is highly influential and influenced by another global agenda as its guide – Agenda 21.
        Chicago, Illinois is the most advanced city in the United States with regard to its progress under that agenda.
        Joliet’s former City Manager leaves a huge void that must be filled with a personality able enough to continue the work – enter Hales as candidate.
        This would be the most significant assignment in Hales’ lengthy career with the most potential.
        He has demonstrated quite the success in his too-long tenure in Bloomington implementing an unwanted agenda, while recreating a City into everything it should not be and nothing what the people of this community want or need, and lacking everything it does need.
        Joliet must be impressed, thus their interest in Hales.
        Hales may be willing to abandon us as Joliet seeks his expertise in everything their own Agenda requires.
        Hales is a highly sought after commodity in those circles.
        Upon his exit, he would leave a City in shambles and open game for the next player to step into his shoes to fill.
        His replacement would not be left to chance.
        Hales’ vacancy would necessitate a similar process as Joliet has pursued in choosing his replacement – no one locally qualified to fill those shoes;
        don’t think for a minute this Council would be left with that task!
        In the end, if Hales’ exit materializes and a new face shows up to fill those shoes – and continue the agenda he brought with him – all you get is a new face for this Mayor and this Council to become subordinate to.
        You think Hales is bad?
        He is.
        But, be careful what you wish for.
        The faces may change but the Agenda remains.


  1. So, I take it Joliet is ready to take the jump and fall into complete failure within the next few years? It looks like Hales has lots of stuff he can ruin there. I only drive through on 55 to be honest and I think I ate there one time so I really have no first hand knowledge of it’s actual current state. The two I know from there moved from there several years ago, one like 20 years ago and the other around 5-6 years ago.


  2. Well the announcement has been made and Hales has been hired by Joliet. He starts his new job after Thanksgiving. May he always be downwind from the stench coming from the ExxonMobile Refinery. Since the Colosseum is still under investigation, and he’s already accepted the new job, it’s best to to let him go now it’s pay until the end of his notice period so that he won’t be tempted to doing something “funny” on his out. Of course they won’t do that though. Their David wouldn’t do anything unethical !


  3. Since he’s under contract for a while, is there any buyout to the city for him not fulfilling his contract term? I’m sure he would request any remaining salary if he was let go, so I would simply request he uphold any separation terms. If not, perhaps it’s best we negotiate an agreement with him that he leaves right now and we don’t pay him any more.


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