You can afford it!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Council is going to vote next Monday to raise your sewer and storm water rates much faster than originally presented.  After all, this Council is fixing what previous Councils ignored – essential services.  Even though voting on items not on the agenda isn’t allowed, the council took a “straw poll” on how to proceed.  The majority want this:

Alderman Sage now has no one on the Council to support his new found conservatism.  Hear his comments around 1:03:00 and again at 1:14:45.  Too late David, the people who cared about citizens aren’t on the Council anymore.

At 1:08:30 Jim Karch had to point out how low Bloomington’s rates are compared to other cities.  Keep watching – Scott Black wants the increase now so it doesn’t interfere with raising more taxes later to balance the next budget.

1:10:25 – Alderman Buragas states General Fund money can not be used for sewer and storm water since both are Enterprise funds.  She gets the non-accountant Karch to agree with her.  Maybe Amelia can explain why the Coliseum (Grossinger Motors Arena) gets money from the General Fund.  Enterprise Funds were created to tax you more.  No laws exist saying the General Fund money can’t be used.  There should be a law against stealing from Enterprise Funds, unfortunately there isn’t – we’ve seen it.

Joni Painter – 1:13:00 TAX the Rich!  Base rates on property taxes for 3 years and then drop the rates back down.  Have rates ever dropped?

This Council and City management aren’t capable of a complete review of spending and revenues and prioritizing essential services so citizens are fairly taxed.  You will be paying this new tax and spending less elsewhere because you have less money.  Tax revenue will again be reduced.  Basic economics are too difficult – just gnashing of teeth when expected tax receipts don’t materialize.

New library or addition?

Libraries are nice, but not for the reasons the City and Library Board want to expand.  It isn’t for books.  The library wants to be Parks and Recreation!  Below is what we will be forced to fund – a new social and fun club that was formerly just a library!  Are you willing to spend maybe $30,000,000+ so the library can entertain you?  Bloomington has turned into the “full service” Normal where capitalism is squashed so government entertainment flourishes.  It’s also the place where income disparity will grow as more is taken from the poor to fund the folly.

None of their pet projects are going to be cut for essential services.  Patti-Lynn Silva, Finance Director, called a new library and aquatics center needs – see around 31:00.  Around 35:35 she calls debt good for municipalities with aging infrastructure and facilities.

The “structural deficit” is back, but it should be called what it really is:  Spending more than you bring in.  Failure to live within your means.  It’s structural because this Council keeps hiring people, spending money on non-essential services, and failing to set priorities.

Bloomington now looks just like the State of Illinois!  

Just like the State, stealing more from you is the only avenue they see.   You can afford it!




9 thoughts on “You can afford it!

  1. I’m not a fan of raising taxes and fees but those Aldermen who want to wait until the budget discussion want to bury the need to fix sewers under the CIP. Sewer funding would not be addressed just like it has been ignored for the past 3-4 years since the Sewer Master Plan was voted on. The Alderman each have their own priorities and there is no general consensus for what is best for the community as a whole.
    Scott Black uses the PC terms,”revenue adjustment.” He needs to look at “expenditure adjustments.” The Council did not bat an eye as they voted to amend this year’s budget to hire two staff for downtown and voted for additional spending on signage for downtown. Why is it that the Council was surprised there is another “structural deficit?”


  2. Imagine what this community would do without the video gaming revenue that Renner sorely dislikes.

    I like the term “expense adjustment” you used, but Black would never agree to cutting anything that supports his Dem/Liberal voters.


  3. Diane I appreciate your work in providing these linked videos for ease of use but I just can’t watch this council anymore. Council is like a bunch of very poor actors with bad lines and never a hero to save the day. The stupidity and hubris is sickening. I will say that not seeing Renner in the picture is positive but still pro-temp Karen has her marching orders and snotty Scottie is lock step in line. Truly a pathetic bunch.


    1. mudd–the hero (best part) of the meeting was a video sent by a citizen to Mr Karch showing raw sewage spewing from a toilet surrounded by a foot of the same sludge.


      1. mudd-1. The look of horror and disgust on the faces of the Council members. 2. The video is a reflection of the drivel spewed during the meetings


  4. a library is not an amusement center or baby sitter , it is a quiet place to find information , read , borrow media , and study . . it should be about literature and media , not a den , a pool hall , a lunchroom or café . I guess they could lease out spots like the mall to a coffee , snack , small amusement vender ..close to the area but apart for noise , traffic and mess control . why is it when the general fund is neglected for routine maintenance on essential city structure they always have hands in the cookie jar taking large sums out for frivolities and that stupid costly colluvium .., which was poorly far as funds seemingly vanished and never recovered . they keep upping legal , but never prosecute illegal .. guess i’m just not smart enough to see any point .


  5. So basically, they want the library to become an “educational” Chuckie Cheese sort of a combination of Chuckie Cheese and the Children’s Discovery Museum – ok – got it. My answer is – Uh, no. Now that said it COULD be done fairly well, but somehow.. well… I’m not optimistic and I am actually by nature a pretty optimistic person, just not dirt dumb about it nor do I want tax dollars paying for it. Do these people have any understanding whatsoever of anything that is NOT government connected or “non-profit”? Do they KNOW that there are already places for kids to “experience” these things? Oh, I forget they have their pets among that sector as well, plus they don’t have control over the private sector places I am sure somehow there will be a “progressive” message woven into the library activities.


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