Bobbleheads vote to raise Pam Reece’s salary

By: Diane Benjamin

Documentation for Normal Monday night:

Start on PDF page 40. Is Pam Reece going to take another job and relocate if Normal doesn’t give her a raise? Doubtful since her husband is a local lawyer.

Since staff prepares the budget, Reece budgeted her own raise:

PDF page 41 claims Reece’s salary now is $201,000. That isn’t what taxpayers are forced to pay however:

The total compensation report for 2021 shows she earned $264,309.63 last year which included a $7800 car allowance and $27,342.84 in pension payments. Taxpayers also paid $18,646.42 for her health and dental insurance.—Town-of-Normal

The automatic YES trustees will give Reece $8000 more a year plus deferred compensation of $2500. She also gets a one year extension.

How do I know the clueless Trustees will vote YES?

Because the compensation report is already on-line, the professional staff didn’t even wait for a vote:—Reece?bidId=

Normal is a tiny town that thinks they aren’t. Pam isn’t paying a penalty for things like the National Fitness challenge debacle, roads being a low priority, and the STILL empty 1 Uptown first floor. The Council made it a high priority to do something about the 2nd floor lease years ago, taxpayers are still paying it. Uptown success, evidently nobody wants to rent the first or second floor! (So let’s build TWO more!)

The majority of the Normal Trustees must appreciate her failures. Congrats taxpayers.

Taking bets: The vote will be 6-1.

7 thoughts on “Bobbleheads vote to raise Pam Reece’s salary

  1. Reporting Pam’s raise as approved days before the actual vote is anything but honest. Pam must use Pinocchio’s definition of honest or she can predict the future. I doubt she can predict the future, but I predict everyone, but Stan, will vote as she has ordered.

    I really think the council is worthless. This alone shows they are incapable of having independent thoughts.

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