Pandemic OVER

By: Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Health Department hasn’t updated their cases page since 4/22/2020:

They probably will now:


Total cases: 50,506

Total deaths: 366

In other words, people in McLean County that caught COVID had less than a 1% chance of dying.

Start listing the ramifications now.

5 thoughts on “Pandemic OVER

  1. Through a pandemic instrument reportedly yet to be decided altough we know it’s already been decided the World Health Organization is positioning to seize the power of medical tyranny worldwide with a treaty destroying the sovereignty of the United States and other countries. Sit up in your chair and pay attention. They’re moving very quickly.

  2. The biggest ramification: they willingly let people die rather than giving them effective available treatment, just to increase the number of deaths from Cov¡d. People lost loved ones, needlessly. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, among others actually helped people who did receive it. From others, these treatments were deliberately withheld. People should be in prison for this.

  3. Mission accomplished….people now used to being treated like sheep and accepting their government masters commands without question. Successfully hiding Biden in a basement during election year so we did not get to see the true blithering idiot in action. Getting big pharma billions by using fear mongering to sell drugs. Exposing Pritzker as the two faced tyrant that he truely is.

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