So Connect isn’t going to use the old Pantagraph building?

By: Diane Benjamin

Don’t feel sorry for the Pantagraph if Connect Transit decides to use Bloomington’s parking garage on West Market for their new downtown transfer station. They sold it in 2016. Feel sorry for Oak LLC, they own it:

From the Recorder’s website:

Bloomington is tired of repairing the Market Street garage and they can’t afford to replace it. Spending close to $15,000,000 on a Water Park doesn’t leave a lot of unallocated money.

Connect Transit can collect tons of grant money from the Feds and State, seems like a marriage made in heaven for Bloomington taxpayers. Of course all those grants are taxpayer dollars left over after the bureaucracy washes them.

Instead of a local source, read this one:

Lots of local sources are included in this story, but it also has some twists that haven’t been reported.







5 thoughts on “So Connect isn’t going to use the old Pantagraph building?

      1. The article you refer to as “Instead of a local source read this one”….. is the same article that is in the Pantagraph. It says it at the top as sourced from when you click the link.


  1. “Instead of reading local sources…” Except you just linked to a local source, because that article is copy and pasted straight from the Pantagraph. Those “unreported” twists and turns are literally reported in local media, since that’s where this was copy-pasted from.


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