Bloomington unloads Market Street Garage

By: Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington has wanted to destroy the Market Street Garage since at least 2018. Remember when the Downtown Task Force recommended moving the library there? Tonight documents – PDF page 246: The documentation doesn’t say why the old Pantagraph property didn’t work. It was February of 2021 when […]

Bloomington tonight – short meeting

By: Diane Benjamin If nothing gets pulled from the Consent Agenda the only item remaining is the Finance Director’s Report and comments. On the Consent Agenda: The gift that can’t stop giving – Coliseum, it isn’t Grossinger Motors Arena anymore: Looks like the Market Street Garage isn’t going anywhere soon: $10.52 a square foot. Normal […]

Bloomington council Sanity

By: Diane Benjamin The Council proved they are capable of sane discussions last night, maybe because one person was absent. Can Bloomington get the names right? Donna Boelen was acting mayor last night since Mboka is out of the country because of his father’s passing. Nice job Donna for the first time being thrust into […]

Dying to know what Bloomington is doing tonight?

By: Diane Benjamin If you want to see what bills are being paid they are no longer under City Council, probably because the Council never questions them at a meeting. They are now under Finance. The report still shows 970 employees: Did you know this what your tax dollars pay every month? (Connect Transit) Green Top […]

So Connect isn’t going to use the old Pantagraph building?

By: Diane Benjamin Don’t feel sorry for the Pantagraph if Connect Transit decides to use Bloomington’s parking garage on West Market for their new downtown transfer station. They sold it in 2016. Feel sorry for Oak LLC, they own it: From the Recorder’s website: Bloomington is tired of repairing the Market Street garage and they […]

Green believers on Bloomington council

By: Diane Benjamin Local election are early next year. Those who think you should pay for the below need replaced: The slide below was shown during presentation at Bloomington Council on Regeneration/Preservation of older neighborhoods. It was part of the staff presentation: Since Hawthorne Hills doesn’t need Regeneration/Preservation, what area of the City are they […]

Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Items on the Consent Agenda taxpayers need to know about: 1) The process to replace the Market Street parking garage has started. The existing/new location will also be studied. 2) Replacing O’Neil pool is getting more expensive: 3) If you want Federal Money the feds own you. If you want fewer […]