Did Central Catholic go CRT?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader (I can’t find everything myself!)

Central Catholic High School will have a new principal: https://pantagraph.com/news/local/education/mcgraw-named-principal-at-central-catholic-high-school/article_1a2cc2ca-c749-11ec-99f0-9309f7f83754.html

The article states Chris McGraw works for Unit 5 now. It doesn’t say what else he does at Unit 5.


Page down, his name is there. He’s part of the District EQUITY team – DELT.

In January he was recognized for instituting SEL, Equity, Executive Functioning and Engagement at Evans. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vsBM1UmArcZZpM2y_l5h23CK9gxXx3vb0gtntT8rA8A/edit

If you have no idea what that means, maybe clicking on the DELT Team and reading what DELT was formed to do will help. Here’s one item:

Empower educators to engage in equity work/anti-racist teaching

Anti-racist teaching isn’t what it sounds like. It IS judging people by the color of their skin, especially white. Equity can only be achieved by lowering the bar for all. Everybody is equally uneducated so true equality can be achieved. Lots of people think judging people based on the color of their skin is demonic, Central Catholic doesn’t?

Unit 5 is teaching the principles of CRT – Critical Race Theory. Was McGraw hired by Central Catholic to do the same there? Parents should be asking questions!

Just when you thought a private school might be safe for your kids . . . . . .

Since Central Catholic claims to be a Christian school, if they take a far left turn when McGraw becomes principal I hope somebody asks where in the Bible God/Jesus required Equality? (He didn’t)

Remember when Michelle was taken off the campaign trail for stating the real goal:








12 thoughts on “Did Central Catholic go CRT?

  1. I would hope that Central parents would step in to see that CRT isn’t taught. But we all know that they try to sneak this stuff in by calling it something that it is not. CRT is plain and simple racism so they have to hide the true scope of what they are doing by putting nice sounding language around it.

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  2. CRT, BLM and Equity all sound good on the surface but under the surface you have to give up your Christian belief of what it means to be a human being made in the image of God. Your identity becomes nothing more than a “social construct”. Which means it is determined by man not God. It can be anything you say it is but God has no place in this religion.

    So you can be defined by your skin color, body shape, size, sexual preferences, nationality, on and on, but then you also must be anti-Christian.

    According to CRT/BLM/Equity theology, white people can never be forgiven for the sins of their forefathers, they can only be worthy if they continually the fight to deconstruct their schools, or society as an anti-racist. The basic Christian principle of forgiveness is not allowed by CRT. So there will never be a resolution to the race,sex, etc. problem in their world. They will only be happy when all whites are worshiping at the power alter of intersectionality.

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  3. Perhaps he wanted to get away from Unit 5’s CRT? After all, he’s leaving a pretty good pension for basically none at all. He also went to a Catholic high school.

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    1. Bnindy
      I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn’t want to be a teacher right now
      Actually I COULD’NT be a teacher in many of these schools and sleep at night.

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  4. I sincerely feel he’s moving on to get away from the absolute garbage that is going on in public schools right now. That’s not hyperbole, it truly isn’t. Parents better wake up and pay attention if their children are still in public school. To those who can, please homeschool. Public schools are no longer about Academic Excellence. Public schools are indoctrinating and brainwashing your kids. You don’t have to take my word for it. They no longer hide it. Look on the Unit 5 website. It’s obvious.

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  5. Anyone who would write this had no clue and certainly doesn’t know what Chris McGraw is about. Why do you think he’s open to leaving a lucrative public school position? This is a man of authentic faith, orthodox Catholic faith. A true Christian would be head over heels with this hire, Central Catholic has never been in a stronger position, faith-wise with McGraw at the helm.

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