Bunch of updates

By: Diane Benjamin’ Update to your electric bills skyrocketing: https://blnnews.com/2022/04/27/expect-painful-bills/ The Ecology Action Center put out more than Bloomington did about the increase: https://ecologyactioncenter.org/aggregation2022/ The shortened version is government shut down coal fired power plants with no way to replace the electricity they generated and what is replaced is more expensive. Government declared war on […]

Did Central Catholic go CRT?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader (I can’t find everything myself!) Central Catholic High School will have a new principal: https://pantagraph.com/news/local/education/mcgraw-named-principal-at-central-catholic-high-school/article_1a2cc2ca-c749-11ec-99f0-9309f7f83754.html The article states Chris McGraw works for Unit 5 now. It doesn’t say what else he does at Unit 5. https://www.unit5.org/domain/3645 Page down, his name is there. He’s part of the District EQUITY team […]

Bloomington Agenda for tonight:

by:  Diane Benjamin In the consent Agenda – which means the potted plants are supposed to not question, just vote yes: Analysis of Request for Proposal (RFP) and Contract Award to Anderson Building Services, Inc. for Fire Headquarters Station Kitchen Remodel, (RFP 2015 – 40). (Recommend that the RFP for Fire Headquarters Station Kitchen Remodel […]

From the city code – Jim Fruin

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the video of Alderman Jim Fruin’s 7 1/2 minute speech Monday night in support of the Brady/McGraw Park/Central Catholic deal. At the beginning Fruin lists family members etc that have graduated from Central Catholic.  He then makes the comment he “bleeds Central Catholic” At the end, around 7:20, Fruin says […]

The Gang that can’t shoot straight: $750,000

By:  Diane Benjamin One overlooked fact:  Central Catholic is NOT in Bill Brady’s District!  They are represented by Jason Barickman. Local City government loves back room deals, no risk of exposure since they are cozy with most of the press.  You won’t see the Pantagraph breaking news of corruption, in fact they cover it up. […]

Fruin – conflict of interest? ($750,000) BREAKING NEWS

JIM FRUIN is on the Board of Trustees of Central Catholic! http://www.blmcchs.org/about_us/board_of_trustees Official Misconduct Jim?     by:  Diane Benjamin h/t JS At Monday’s Council meeting, Jim Fruin spoke extensively on why he shouldn’t recuse himself from the vote to accept $750,000 from the State of Illinois to buy land so Central Catholic could have […]