From the city code – Jim Fruin

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the video of Alderman Jim Fruin’s 7 1/2 minute speech Monday night in support of the Brady/McGraw Park/Central Catholic deal.

At the beginning Fruin lists family members etc that have graduated from Central Catholic.  He then makes the comment he “bleeds Central Catholic”

At the end, around 7:20, Fruin says “I am passionate about this”.

Before watching the video, read these 2 sections of the City Code:

Chapter 2 : Section 18.1 : Conflict of Interest.
A Council member prevented from voting by a conflict of interest, such conflict resulting from the Council member having a substantial financial interest in an official matter or a personal interest in an official matter such that he or she cannot render a fair and impartial decision, shall leave the City Council chambers during the debate, shall not vote on the matter, and shall otherwise comply with the rules concerning conflicts of interest. The Chairperson shall make reasonable effort to inform any Council member, who has left the room for such reason and who is nearby, that the agenda has advanced and that the absent member may re-enter the meeting room. (Ordinance No. 2012-7)

Chapter 2 : Section 10 : Violations of Code.

Any officer violating any provision of this Code shall be deemed guilty of misconduct in office and liable to removal therefor.

Watch and see if Fruin violated Section 18.1.  Fruin lists ways he is associated with Central Catholic, but leaves out being a Trustee.  Does the video show a guy who can “render a fair and impartial decision”?


Some people are calling Renner a hero for at least temporarily stopping this.  He is responsible for it being on the agenda.  He’s no hero, he is just responding to citizen outrage and trying not to get blamed for it.





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  1. Sorry I can’t listen to idiots talk for more than just a few minutes. Two minutes into this video was more than enough to qualify. I am recusing myself from watching any more of this nonsense as the investment in my new toupee would be adversely effected.

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