Bill Brady on HIS $750,000

by:  Diane Benjamin

Bill Brady says if Bloomington doesn’t take the $750,000 to expand McGraw Park, he will have to look for other places to spend it.

Hey Bill!  Mister so-called conservative, how about NOT spending it.  Bill claims it is HIS grant.  Really Bill?

You have been in government too long Billy.  It isn’t your grant because Springfield said so.  It is taxpayer money confiscated from hard working people – the same ones who were promised the tax hike would be temporary.  It’s fun to spend other people’s money isn’t it Bill? (especially when it helps your friends)

When you can’t see the bankrupt State of Illinois and your contributions to making it so, its time to move on Billy.  If Illinois had conservative leadership maybe at least our bills could get paid on time.  Siphoning money for pet projects has to end.  If Bill is this bad what are the Democrats doing in their districts?  Get the picture yet?

David Hales was practically giddy Monday night stating we aren’t spending City money to expand a park – it’s State money.  Yippee.  Obviously he doesn’t get it either.  Free money – celebrate!

Illinois is at the bottom creating jobs.  Illinois is in more debt than we can ever pay.  Illinois is last to recover from the recession while states surrounding us are stealing Illinois jobs.

Bill Brady is what passes for conservative leadership in Illinois.

Wow, conservatives were worried about Rauner!



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