LOCAL Schools fail to educate, but they can survey your kids

By: Diane Benjamin

Tri-Valley already did this survey, District 87 is today:

A student at Tri-Valley told her mom she left questions blank she didn’t want to answer. Good!

The survey is called Illinois Youth Survey, it is for grades 8-12. Some other local schools have already taken the survey. Schools had to chose to participate and parents were supposed to be notified before the survey was given. It was projected to take an entire class period.

The survey is supposed to be anonymous but there are enough identifying questions to determine who answered. Your kids were deprived of an education for 2 years, subjected to the principles of Critical Race Theory, but schools have time to force your kids to answer intrusive questions.

Unit 5 wants more money, how much did they waste on this?

Many more pics of questions asked are on my Facebook page, below are some. The list of local schools that have already administered the survey is also there. The highlighted questions are new this year:

6 thoughts on “LOCAL Schools fail to educate, but they can survey your kids

  1. Diane, I have another take on this although I’ve not seen all the questions so there’s that.
    But I am encouraged (?) that the schools are maybe looking for other reasons for poor scholastic performance besides CRT based principles.
    CRT principles are informing students and teachers that the reason for grade disparity is 100% racism, and other bigotry. They say that white students are advantaged and non-whites can’t succeed. End of discussion for them. They base it on grade and discipline stats rather than real cause/effect relationships.

    Will a survey like this reveal the real causes? I don’t know, but maybe?

      1. That’s a big one Diane. What brought about black men walking out on their responsibilities? The onset of the welfare state coincided with the big decline in two parent families. And what is CRT all about? You can call it welfare, restitution, or reparations – it’s official CRT spawned name is “equity”.

        The thing they are teaching our students is the very thing that caused the problem in the first place.
        These people are NUTS!

  2. A jaw-dropping violation of privacy, not to mention quack child psychology — purportedly driven by “data” — that will no doubt be twisted and fudged by the state as justification for the already-predetermined goal of getting more control of your kids outside school hours….if not downright removing them from their homes and families. If people recall, falsified “data” and “numbers” in the covid scam led to disgusting violations of our Constitutional and natural rights. This is no different.

  3. This represents the problem with public education. The time and resources spent on this rather than teaching students is why our education system is in shambles.

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