Normal hands out your money:

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal budget has $266,000 listed for employee retirement gifts.

A reader FOIA’d the Town:

Requested Record: “Please furnish receipts for gifts to employees retired or present from 1/1/21 to present.”

This is what was received:

The Town gave every employee who retired last year $500.00. Those employees of course get a pension too.

The police chief just announced his retirement, that has been rumored for a long time. Is a lot of the $266,000 to throw him a huge party? Is there a huge wave of retirements coming this year for the rest of the $266,000?

Either the Trustees didn’t actually read the budget they passed or they are oblivious to how your money is spent.

I wonder how many of these employees were forced to sign a Separation Agreement with the paragraph including the Town would sue them for disclosing anything the Town deemed “confidential”?

Those who were forced to sign should know: The Town will not sue you.

I will be in court taking notes of what you supposedly exposed. Of course I will also publish it.








5 thoughts on “Normal hands out your money:

  1. Inquiring minds want to know how they justify the $266K. At $500 per employee is Pam planning for 532 people to retire or are there some golden parachute plans going to be used or did she just put her slush fund money here?

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  2. What public purpose if there in these thefts of taxpayer money? Isn’t this illegal under the Illinois Constitution? Its like taxpayers footing the bill to send flowers for relatives of employees who pass away. Illegal.

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      1. The current version of the Illinois Constitution was ratified in 1970. Are you saying if you budget illegal expenditures, they are legal. I’m sorry, can’t agree. So they could budget for every person on the Town Council to get a new car, or anyone else, and that’s legal?


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