Application Link for Bloomington Ward 1 vacancy

By: Diane Benjamin

Click on this link for details and a link to the application:

If your excuse for not applying is you are too busy, I’m sure people that aren’t too busy to serve will apply. Of course being represented by another progressive with an agenda won’t get your roads fixed.

12 thoughts on “Application Link for Bloomington Ward 1 vacancy

  1. But will Mboka choose anyone that is not progressive? He will be told to choose someone that “they” can manage.

      1. no he doesn’t. council only gets 2 rejections and then the Mayor picks unilaterally. Mayor can jam 2 right wing nuts thru if he wanted too. Council will be stuck with one of them , and not a thing the other council members can do about it , other than seethe and cope.

        Mboka’s servant heart will guide him to make the choice that is best for both the ward and the city.

  2. Unlike Normal, Bloomington alderman are not demanded to rubber stamp whomever the Mayor brings forward. Bloomington alderman have input in who the Mayor appoints.

    1. Bloomington ordinance says the “mayor appoints with the advice and consent of the council.” There will be a public council vote on the appointment. Bloomington Mayor does not have a vote unless the council vote is tied unlike the Town of Normal.

  3. wonder who the corrupt local elite was that drew that goofy looking gerrymandered district 10 years ago ?

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