Benjamin School and the Grove

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Since Jamie Mathy hated sprawl and considered The Grove sprawl, (Ireland Grove Rd. east of Towanda Barnes) he didn’t want this subdivision expanded further. Houses there sell fast, so obviously people like living there. Maybe Jamie didn’t look at what 2 City Managers ago negotiated with the developer. The City was on the hook for infrastructure instead of the developer.

Taxpayers paid for a trail from the original part down to Benjamin School. It is rarely used:

Instead kids are driven to school which creates long lines, especially when parents are picking their kids up. The line of vehicles extends around the entire parking lot, out into the street, and up Ireland Grove Road. I’ve actually seen the line longer than this.

Evidently car pooling isn’t a thing. Even when the weather is nice the little darlings don’t necessarily use the trail instead of being driven.

Since carbon is supposedly destroying us, I wonder why a better solution hasn’t been found. I also wonder why the City burns the weed patch (Natural Environment) that separates the west from the newer east addition. Burning brush spews carbon into the atmosphere. The Grove isn’t the only place Bloomington burns every spring.

The Benjamin School website has these comments:

Hours to avoid the area:

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Today’s email shows what is in store for all Illinois Public School kids, maybe private schools too:

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  1. Homeschool is the only way to save our kids from all the indoctrination. Find a homeschool co-op and pledge to get your kids out of public schools.

  2. Maybe the kiddos and parents can take Connect Transit to and from school. Hahaha! Another amazing nonsensical boondoggle supported by Mathy and the virtue signalers in power.

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