Part 3 Bloomington-Is BEC screwing up elections?

By: Diane Benjamin

A Facebook friend asked why I didn’t include this in previous stories. Since I still don’t understand the ramifications of what attorney Jeff Jurgens stated Monday night, this just gives me another reason to say the Bloomington Election Commission needs abolished.

The City is changing Ward maps to equalize population in the 9 Wards. BEC was supposed to change their precinct maps. Jurgens stated BEC is not going to get that done on time and Bloomington can’t wait for them to finish.

I think this has the possibility of confusing people on where they need to vote in local elections next year. Voting in local elections is already pathetic, is BEC making it worse?

One thing you can’t forget: When eliminating BEC was on the ballot a few years ago the League of Women Voters didn’t support eliminating it. They actually wanted all elections conducted by un-elected bureaucrats like BEC. Un-elected means no accountability, BEC continues to proves the LWV was wrong.

Some recent stories on why BEC needs to go:

Just hit play for Jeff Jurgens’ quick comment:

2 thoughts on “Part 3 Bloomington-Is BEC screwing up elections?

  1. Jurgens outright said in the pantygraph that new districts will be drawn to include incumbents . Wow. I guess it is just that BLATANT here in bloomington. The corruption , nepotism and favoritism at city hall could make Chicago blush.

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