Bloomington pushed BEC out of the Government Center

By: Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Election Commission got their space in the Government Center downgraded when Bloomington offices moved in. Now they got pushed out so Bloomington’s Legal Department can move in.

BEC (which shouldn’t exist because it duplicates the services of the County Clerk) is moving to the building next door:,-88.993312,178h,-2.59p,0z,wpb1CabIaO1Ad8groyQ-XQ

The address is 121 North Main, corner of Main and Washington.

Who is going to pay for this?

The COUNTY taxpayers get the bills for most (if not all) of the expenses to run the Bloomington’s Election Commission:

Is Bloomington going to now pay the rent or is McLean County going to get fleeced because Bloomington pushed them out of the Government Center?

This office shouldn’t even exist, you have no way to hold un-elected bureaucrats accountable. They can screw up as many times as they want and NOTHING happens to them. See the story below:

Abolishing this office needs to be back on the ballot with better people conveying why they need to go. So far nobody is stepping up to do it.








4 thoughts on “Bloomington pushed BEC out of the Government Center

  1. It is my understanding, the BEC is now renting first floor office space located in the HUB area–115 E. Washington–along with the City Clerk’s office. The exterior entrance to the BEC office may be the 121 North Main Street entrance to the Government Building. City legal department will be occupying the former BEC fourth floor location.


    1. The BEC was forced out of the 4th floor space, then pushed into the HUB. Bullied by the City Clerk, finally had enough and is now moving next store. All of this funded by the taxpayer!

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  2. Someone needs to explain why a Gov. agency was forced out of te Goverment Center! The whole purpose of that building is for Government agencies to be in one space to utilize efficiencies, now we the tax payer have to rent more space!


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