Scott Preston’s positive change (ugh)

By: Diane Benjamin

Just re-elected Normal Trustee Scott Preston has announced he wants to dump Normal for a higher office:

He doesn’t live in the District now:

Preston didn’t bother to tell voters last April he wasn’t planning on staying around if he wins. Worse, Preston claims to be a Republican while voting at least 90% of time with Normal’s big government agenda.

If Preston happens to win, Chris Koos will be able to appoint a better bobblehead that will vote 100% for the Town’s Master Plans and Uptown 2.0 – including the massive debt.

Even worse, those that expect government to be limited and respectful of the money they worked for will not have any hope of garnering a majority of the Council until 2025. I foresee Koos campaigning for Preston, Koos would love to have no to threats to his power! Nice Scott.

What kind of “positive change” will Preston bring to Springfield? What positive change did he bring to Normal?

Your property taxes will be higher next year thanks to Scott Preston. The rate will be the same but Normal will get more of your money because the value of your property likely went up. Watch for Scott to claim he didn’t vote for a rate increase, he voted for a TOTAL collection increase. It’s just semantics.

That vote violated his campaign promise not to raise taxes. Preston knew the ordinance would pass but he couldn’t even vote against it to prove he meant what his literature claimed he was for.

Thinks Scotty will stand up to the Democrats in Springfield? He couldn’t even do it in Normal!

2016 Preston voted for a property tax increase – he thinks only property taxes can pay pensions, they can be paid from any funds, Normal just prefers raising your taxes:

Guess who made the motion to implement a $.04 gas tax back in 2015?

How are your roads?

Who can forget the audit of Preston’s travels that cost you $3,720?


Do want a State Representative who can’t handle money?

With guys like Preston it’s easy to see why Republicans are in the minority in Springfield! He didn’t fight the Democrats in Normal, he won’t in Springfield either.

The Republican Party can’t do better than Scott Preston?

23 thoughts on “Scott Preston’s positive change (ugh)

  1. An empty suit whose as dumb as a box of rocks. As much as I don’t want him in Springfield, I’m afraid it’s inevitable. He’s the establishment’s candidate and once you’re in that click in Bloomington Normal, you’re pretty much set for life. All this points to the fact that things in this community if not the entire state are not Democrat / Republican but insiders and outsiders. Elections in Illinois are nothing more than a high school student council race that has little to do with qualifications and everything to do with connections.


  2. Normal does not set the property tax rate, the assessor does that. Normal votes on how much money they want the property tax assessor to collect. That amount went up. Scott voted to take more from property owners than last year. It is a semantics marketing ploy to use “rate” to make a tax hike sound better. Politicians use language to advertise one thing that means another. I wish people would stop going back and forth between a number increase and rate. NORMAL DOES NOT SET RATE!!!!!


      1. Remember that you don’t need BN but BN needs you. Plenty of options in several states and communities across the country that aren’t looking gouge you on taxes and actually use tax money for good roads, schools and community services. All that is needed to realize you have had enough and aren’t going to put up with it anymore. BN and Illinois have become a running joke with no chance of future survival. Sell your house while you still can. Plenty of jobs everywhere around the country. Starve the holes to death by leaving. If enough do it, it will give them the screwed-up diversified ghetto community leadership longs for and will eventually get. The right decision will lower your blood pressure and put a spring in your step.


  3. The Republicans shouldn’t have ran Preston if he wasn’t staying for the full term. They should have ran someone who was. I can see how we’re screwed when he gives his seat to Koos to replace.

    My guess is Dave Shields will be appointed.


    1. AJ Zimmerman is a more likely scenario. Or, maybe Koos will bring back RC McBride. The reality is we’d be no better or worse with or without Preston. He’s an empty suit. If the Republicans have run out anybody, it’s Dan Brady. I just don’t see him winning a statewide office. Hopefully he’ll take his state pension and move to Florida like another Brady politician.


      1. There was another guy who ran in the last election for Town Council, but I cannot recall his name. Teaches at Bradley. He is another likely appointee. Also, AJ went missing from the Planning Commission? Perhaps they slide RC into AJ’s spot there. These jerks are fairly predictable, but evil nonetheless.

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  4. I don’t get why the Republicans are doing this. From a PR perspective, the party looks disorganized or they are serving the political career ambitions of a RINO.


  5. I think the politically correct term for politicians like Scott Preston is carpet bagger. I don’t think the guy is even able to sign his own petition papers. He doesn’t even live in the new 91st district.


  6. He couldn’t even go a year before breaking his campaign promise not to raise property taxes. He’ll be best buds with Pritzker who broke his promise veto gerrymandered maps.

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  7. Thanks for the heads up. Now I can start to work on my Never Preston mailers. NOTE: Anybody can do this. Just lay out a few facts, stuff the envelope, and mail. Skip the return address. Most people are too curious to not open it.

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  8. Ahhh, Stanky I like the way you think. Preston will have to defend his positions and can’t do it. Truth matters! No return address means no one to blame. LOL, but the facts are out there. Send them out to whoever. Send them to business owners. Send them to schools, doctors, etc. Pick from a name in the phone book. Many ways to get names and addresses. A few stamps, some envelopes and I can make copies at the library. I’m in! Hahaha Scotty, you get what you sow!


    1. I think a campaign flyer that says, “Room service anyone?” Or, “Did somebody order room service?” And, then expose this fraud for what he did to the taxpayers of Normal. It’s shameful. His political future should have ended right then and there and the Council should have called on him to resign. Instead he’s been reelected twice by the Dan Brady machine.

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  9. It fascinates me that someone can have such a long voting record proving they are a RINO and;
    – the Republican party hasn’t stripped him of his affiliation
    – voters continue to re-elect him.

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