Normal-Scott Preston-Truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

Expenses for the trips that Scott Preston took were paid for by the Town of Normal.  Mark Peterson was quoted as saying they encourage travel by the Council.

If you owned a company and employees traveled at your expense, what would you do?


Require receipts?

Check Expense reports?

Question some spending?

Normal did none of those things!

The Town even hired an auditor to do what THEY failed to do – research Scott’s expenses.  Congrats citizens, the Town decided you can pay for that too.

The audit was performed in July by CliftonLarsonAllen.  I found this payment in the August bills:

cliftonThey performed a complete review of travel policies in addition to the investigate of Preston.

The documentation claims they investigated travel from 2012 through 2016.  Preston’s first trip was in June of 2014.  This is a summary of all 7 trips:

first-tripIf anybody at the Town of Normal cared:

Preston would have known after his FIRST trip that receipts are required!  None of the rest of the abuse would ever have happened if the Town had done their job.

Since the Town just wrote checks with your money, and they had plenty of it and knew where to get more – nobody cared all the way to 2016.

It looks bad for Preston.  Since Preston is the occasional voice of reason on the Council, any chance he was targeted?

Preston may be guilty of bad judgement (read the report), bad bookkeeping or theft, but the TOWN of NORMAL is more guilty of not caring about how your money is spent – until they want to.  See the important pages of the report here:  preston-audit

Think the rest of their operations are any better?

Looks like the swamp needs drained in Normal too.  Preston’s follies look a lot like David Hales just assuming CIAM was paying the correct commissions.  No checking and No Due Diligence for Taxpayers.

How about electing and hiring people who know the Town’s money is really yours.

If you don’t understand government attacks your wallet just because they can, you never will.

How was the trip to Germany Koos?  Have fun at the taxpayers expense?  Renner had a blast in Cuba!





11 thoughts on “Normal-Scott Preston-Truth

  1. Until the citizens vote and speak out, nothing will change. There is wasteful spending at all levels, nothing will change till the people make their selfs heard. Diane give you the facts, but is only one voice. Anyone speaking out is labelled a nut job, that is how the establishment covers their crimes. Abuse is everywhere. Wake up America.


  2. And now I see they’re gonna raise my taxes tonight, yet again… One should not be paying just shy of $3,000 a year for a $130,000 house.


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