Bloomington: Ready to tax you more

By:  Diane Benjamin

Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night:

The minutes from the last Committee of the Whole meeting are on the agenda for approval.  This is from those minutes:

fundingBloomington will never have enough of your money with this Council and City Manager!

Don’t forget all the taxes they have created or raised so far:  Amusement Tax, Utilities Tax, Sales Tax, Garbage Fees, Gas Tax, Property taxes through increased values.

Since elections are eminent, the Council is trying to sound conservative.  Don’t let them deceive you!

Also on the agenda is next year’s One Voice trip:

onevoiceOne Voice is a taxpayer-funded trip to Washington DC to beg for money the Federal Government doesn’t have.  Before somebody can claim the EDC pays a large part of the cost, where does the EDC get their money?

I wonder which Council members plan to participate this year?

Even if grants are obtained, the cost to Bloomington taxpayers is huge.  But, bike lanes will be included – celebrate now!



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