Brady Grant back on the agenda for Monday night

by:  Diane Benjamin

Tensions build.  Will Bloomington vote to secure 4 measly acres of land for the low low low price of $750,000?

Will Joni Painter really vote NO this time?

Will Mayor Renner repeat that he had nothing to do with putting the deal on the agenda?

Will Fruin recuse himself, or say he’s impartial?   (Remember “I bleed Central Catholic” from the last meeting?)

Will Renner be forced to vote if Fruin does recuses himself?

Will Coldwell banker forgo their commission if Fruin votes?

Will Bill Brady ever be allowed to call himself a conservative again?

Better question, will anybody believe him?

Think Billy will realize using a bankrupt state’s money to play Santa Claus doesn’t fly even at Christmas?

Will the Attorney General have a ruling by Monday?  (I seem to remember Renner saying he would wait)

Is the Council so desperate for free money they will take the grant regardless of public opinion?

Will Central Catholic detail why they didn’t know they can use the airport property for another 15+ years?

What spin will be uttered calling that plan unworkable?

Will somebody mention the City selling the property in the future?  (Name ONE property they have sold!)

Will Larry, Mo, and Curly make another appearance?

Will Jeff Jurgens know the law this time?

What happened to the Parks Master Plan?  (McGraw addition isn’t on it)

Here’s a new twist.  From the packet:

FINANCIAL IMPACT: It is estimated that there will be approximately $433 for title charges (buyer) and recording fees. These fees will be paid from the Economic Development – Other Professional & Technical Services account (10019170-70220). The City will provide annual turf management that is estimated to be approximately $2,500 per year and will not start until FY 2016. This expense will be proposed in the Parks Maintenance – Other Repair & Maintenance
account (10014110-70590). The Stakeholder may locate the closing costs in the FY 2015 Budget Book titled “Budget Overview & General Fund” on page 386.


They forgot something:   How much tax money is the City losing by buying it?  What if the 4 acres was developed?  At 1/4 acres lots – that might be 16 houses complete with real estate taxes.  Apartments or business could be more taxes!  

I think Larry, Mo, and Curly just showed up.  (Or maybe it was Gruber)  Zero real estate taxes is a lot less.




3 thoughts on “Brady Grant back on the agenda for Monday night

  1. What? No amazing large economic benefit numbers? I’m actually surprised this whole thing wasn’t spun that way.

    Did anyone figure out if Bill Brady has a connection with the people selling the land? That insanely inflated price makes me suspect there is a connection.

    1. Only connection is Central Catholic. Sellers gave them the land the build. Funny how $30000 an acre the is now $187500. The price isn’t out of line – just the deal

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