Fruin – conflict of interest? ($750,000) BREAKING NEWS

JIM FRUIN is on the Board of Trustees of Central Catholic!

Official Misconduct Jim?



by:  Diane Benjamin

h/t JS

At Monday’s Council meeting, Jim Fruin spoke extensively on why he shouldn’t recuse himself from the vote to accept $750,000 from the State of Illinois to buy land so Central Catholic could have a practice football field.  The longer he talked the more he revealed he SHOULD have recused himself.  He is a graduate, his kids are graduates, he then listed extensive ties to the school.  He talked so long Mayor Renner had to warn him to wrap it up.

But there is more.  The sale of the property is being handled by Coldwell Banker.  Jim just happens to work for Coldwell Banker.  He isn’t the agent, but his employer is sure a beneficiary.  The documents say the seller is paying 3% – that’s $22,500.  Fruin voted to enrich his employer!  At the very least his behavior was unethical.  Alderman Scott Black knew it, but it never came up during the meeting.

Jim, you can stop with your statement at every meeting regarding the consent agenda and how you don’t personally benefit.  (one reason why citizens need to watch the meetings!)  It no longer applies.  Your employer is probably very happy today and even happier with you.  Besides, do you really think citizens believe the City paying for roads, sewers, police. fire, etc doesn’t benefit your real estate business?   What would happen to real estate values and sales if they didn’t?

Here’s what the Council knew before the vote.  If Fruin had recused himself, the vote would have been 4-4.  Mayor Renner was very worried about his needing to vote, pull up the video from the City website and watch him squirm when he thought he might have to.  It would have been fun.








4 thoughts on “Fruin – conflict of interest? ($750,000) BREAKING NEWS

  1. Jim Fruin should resign! His statement to the council skated all around the issue of his involvement with Central Catholic. “Oooppss, did I forget to mention that I sit on the Board of Directors?” Obfuscate is a polite word for what Fruin did. Lied by ommission is more direct.


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