Fruin – conflict of interest? ($750,000) BREAKING NEWS



JIM FRUIN is on the Board of Trustees of Central Catholic!

Official Misconduct Jim?



by:  Diane Benjamin

h/t JS

At Monday’s Council meeting, Jim Fruin spoke extensively on why he shouldn’t recuse himself from the vote to accept $750,000 from the State of Illinois to buy land so Central Catholic could have a practice football field.  The longer he talked the more he revealed he SHOULD have recused himself.  He is a graduate, his kids are graduates, he then listed extensive ties to the school.  He talked so long Mayor Renner had to warn him to wrap it up.

But there is more.  The sale of the property is being handled by Coldwell Banker.  Jim just happens to work for Coldwell Banker.  He isn’t the agent, but his employer is sure a beneficiary.  The documents say the seller is paying 3% – that’s $22,500.  Fruin voted to…

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