Tim Gleason gets a raise

By: Diane Benjamin


The 2.5% raise is on the Consent Agenda which means nobody will talk about it unless it gets pulled:

Tim Gleason’s new salary isn’t reported unless you go to the ordinance to be approved:

One more change: Instead of receiving the $550 a month car allowance, the City will be paying it into his retirement account.










18 thoughts on “Tim Gleason gets a raise

  1. I wish my high school guidance counselors would have told me that working for government can make you rich with annual pay raises and Cadilac benefits!

    1. I agree. They should also have told you that its really not work. And you can screw up over and over and never be accountable.

    2. If you went to a public school, your counselor was on the public dole just like Gleason. Likely didn’t want you to know about the scam either. Competition is a bad thing in the public sector.

  2. The biggest thing that would help our community is to consolidate the two government bodies into ONE (Bloomington and Normal are two small towns that could easily be merged into one!)

    The residents have to pay for EVERYTHING in duplicate!
    Tim Gleason and Pamela Reece are very expensive.

    A consolidation would streamline processes and simplify things for everyone!

  3. Sooooo, your “elite” rich Bloomington City ‘manager’ get even richer off the city’s silent citizen-peon serfs. Let’s see here….the citizen-peon serfs forked over a $5,744.00 raise for 2019 to 2020, and another $4,930,00 for 2020 to 2021 AND on top of this….another $6,600.00/YR. for his ‘retirement’ fund PLUS, ‘reimbursement’ of “out-of-town mileage”! Ha-ahhaahaahhh

  4. Combining the two city governments is something that i don’t agree with at all. I’d rather see a little competition, some differences at least. Surprisingly at this point I’ll give some credit to Mboka as he is more respectful than that dirty rat pos Koos.

  5. This city manager job should come with a basic white fleet chevy malibu w the city logo on the door.
    By virtue of the position it should be a take home vehicle.
    The position is way overpaid for the size of the ‘burg- in fact . Pay is about the same as the Governor of the entire state !

  6. The entire thing is just sickening. The pay these basically worthless people pull down is an outrage. In a sane world (as opposed to clown world) the likes of Gleason and Reece would be paid maybe 45-50 thousand a year, tops. If the “underlings” do their jobs, the likes of Gleason and Reece are not even needed, things would run smoothly without them.

  7. Here is a tax increase you could see if Dems could get behind: 50% tax rate of public pensions above $100k. They should pay their “fair share,” right? The pensions of these rich executive is unaffordable, so it’s only “fair” that they pay more, right?

    Also, with the pensions these rich executives make, shouldn’t they be able to afford their own retirement healthcare? Isn’t that what some Dems say should be eliminated? SSN and Medicare for the “rich?”

  8. A city manager for a city of ~76,000 (and declining) should not be paid $190-$200k per year. This is absolutely ridiculous, especially since he’s an unelected bureaucrat who (like most public sector workers) is unaccountable for mistakes and failures involving taxpayer money. He peddles the same fiction he did in Decatur…a revitalized downtown area as the key to economic development and community growth. How many more businesses and people need to leave the Bloomington economy before he and his elitist puppetmasters realize Bloomington is spiraling down the drain.

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