Pro Life? See you here:

By: Diane Benjamin

This is always a great event! If you are Pro-Life, here’s your chance to prove it:

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time!  Go to today! 

4 thoughts on “Pro Life? See you here:

  1. What an awesome event & held at Tentac’s DoubelTree.
    For those not familiar with Tentac – – It is the largest locally owned business THAT GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!!

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  2. So so so much deserved…life is so so so precious…may the good Lord put all of us in the palm of his hand and give the unborn life!!!!!
    Thank you Diane…you’re an exceptional human being!!!!
    GOD is WONDERFUL!!!!!!


  3. I registered to attend with a friend, but there was no charge. Will they be taking donations there? What will dress code be?


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