Normal: It just gets worse

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the budget session documentation in this story:

PDF page 100 – Administration Accomplishments:

(Is the new Director of Innovation and Technology the reason video of meetings has failed THREE times.  The video of this budget session still has no sound for half of it.  What are they hiding?)

city manager accimp

Here’s why you must vote in 2021:

city manager future

The Town of Normal didn’t get the message when Chris Koos only narrowly won his last election.  They still didn’t get the message when Stan and Karyn were elected.  In 2021 the existing ruling class in Normal must be wiped out!

4 thoughts on “Normal: It just gets worse

  1. “Plan the work, work the Plan”…Mayor Koos, Kathleen Lorenz, Kevin McCarthy, Ms. Cummings, and Pam Reece.

  2. Taxpayers have not hit rock bottom yet. Koos still has enough votes to continue his agenda.

    What has me puzzles me is I read and hear so many people complaining about their taxes being so high and going up further yet the Koos clan keeps pushing forward despite the public suffering. I wish Koos or any of the others would explain why us peons should be thankful for the obligation to pay more in taxes.

  3. Sounds to ME like “Strategic Plan” could a WELL PLACED charge of high explosives. Maybe they think Mike Bloomberg will bail them out?

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