Normal: Expect Property Tax Increases to continue

By:  Diane Benjamin

The chart below is from the documents the Normal Town Council used for the Budget Session held on January 16, 2020.  Normal 1-16-2020 budget session

PDF page 70:

Normal property taxes

Town staff already decided

you have to pay more!

Note:  I haven’t heard anything about the Social Security rate going up, the only way they plan to pay more is because they plan to hire more employees.

The other increases are directly tied to pension funding.  Why isn’t the Town demanding pension reform?  For the same reason Bloomington isn’t demanding pension reform.  They know where to get more money – YOU.

See PDF page 72:

IMRF rate

The only way to change the trajectory of your property taxes is to change the Council.  It takes electing 4 people with Common Sense.  Right now you have one, sometimes two.

Who is going to step up and run?  Help is available!  Next election is early in 2021.


6 thoughts on “Normal: Expect Property Tax Increases to continue

  1. The increase in the IMRF funding is due to a new actuarial formula. The Town already announced the hiring of a communication specialist to keep their “brand” polished.

    1. we did! six years ago everyone asked us why we were moving out of BLONO. My response to all of them (except anyone seeing the house), was TAXES!

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