Future of Joliet city manager said to be uncertain

That would be David Hales – looks like Joliet is way smarter than Bloomington was!


City Manager David Hales’ future in Joliet may be up in the air.

Sources said that the City Council has begun to consider the prospect of Hales leaving before the end of his contract and possibly before the end of the year.

Hales and council members either would not comment or said they did not know of any plans for the city manager to leave.

But according to sources, Hales’ future was the subject of a closed session after a council meeting last week.

One source said the council will begin considering an exit strategy for the city manager, hoping to keep Hales on board at least until the 2019 budget has been put together.

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14 thoughts on “Future of Joliet city manager said to be uncertain

  1. I guess being an incompetent toady for the crony capitalist here in Bloomington is not a transferable skill set to a city who expects professional management? He still has a house here. Maybe Tari can hire him for something else once they give him the boot in Joliet? City consulting maybe? That seems to pay very well…

  2. Farther down the page is another piece that was posted at 11:35 that says hales to be out next week. It says it’s his choice. He probably did that to cover his ass.

  3. When you are dumb enough to hire people who have failed at their previous jobs this is what you get. At least Joliet is trying to correct their mistake.

  4. The Conservatives on Bloomington’s Council supported this guy from beginning to end. Renner and Hales never got along and this made certain members of the Council like him even more. Hales said he was a poster child Conservative, and he was a very opaque one for the foolish people. .

    1. In an alternative universe maybe? You are funny… Are you recovering from Kanye West’s visit to the White House and not thinking straight? The left’s meltdown yesterday had to be a head exploding event for many. Just imagine… black voters will not be in lock step with the Democratic Party anymore. And the Democrats cannot possibly win anything in the future without the black vote. Oh my goodness… the world is coming to an end!

  5. Perfect timing! Tari could use some help with his hostile, government takeover of Downtown. Hales can hold a clipboard for a quarter mil.

  6. LOL the Joliet city counsel members must not know how to use google.

    No. 5 – Tax toilet of the Midwest

    His best bet is to permanently retire and live in a cabin in Utah.

      1. From the article Diane just posted… I think it this interesting that they are upset with his recent hiring “behind the back of the city council” a paid consultant… to do a job he was being paid to do? How many times have we seen thousands of dollars being paid to this consultant or that consultant in the budget items? Consultants are lining up at the door of City Hall and taking numbers for the next lucrative consulting job. It is a wonder they don’t hire a consulting firm to help them in hiring consulting firms.


        “Hales’ decision to use another paid consultant on the city’s dime caused some officials to seriously question why the city even employed a city manager, especially someone making $215,000 plus a $250 per month auto allowance, plus generous fringe benefits, all paid by the city taxpayers.

        On Wednesday evening, this Joliet Patch editor published an opinion column calling for the city council to remove Hales from city government before the end of this year”.

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