Gleason can’t find a problem with Nikita?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tim Gleason is following in the footsteps of David Hales who didn’t see a problem with the Coliseum.  Hales was fired from Bend Oregon, and is being fired from Joliet.  The Bloomington City Council adored him.  The problem has been identified!


City Manager Tim Gleason said an internal investigation found no wrongdoing, but asked for an outside review because complaints against Richards have persisted and it’s become a political matter.

Evidently Tim Gleason can’t read, so I will help him out:

List of websites (not associated with her job) Nikita visited on her City computer:

Google Analytics – found on 143 pages

Yahoo – found on 238 pages

Yahoo Mail – found on 37 pages

Huffington Post – found on 4 pages

US Election Assistance Commission – found on 2 pages

Start your own radio station fastcast/ – found on 135 pages (political fundraising) found on 1 page

Amazon and Google Play listed as shopping – found on almost 100 pages.  (Nothing was purchased for the City, we checked) – make your website better.  Found on 1 page – found on one page.  Progressive playbook for elections! – found on one page.  Donor information software.

One more – a Facebook conversation while she was at work on the WGLT page:

This is only a short list, and no they aren’t pop ups.

City Manager Tim Gleason has chosen to bury his head underground instead of holding employees accountable.  Campaigning while being paid by taxpayers is evidently okay.

The Appellate Court Prosecutor still hasn’t filed charges against Tari Renner for personal use of a government credit card.  Don’t expect them to prosecute Kathy Michael anytime soon.

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8 thoughts on “Gleason can’t find a problem with Nikita?

  1. If they were honest, the City would of reviewed the evidence and taken the appropriate action that being termination of employment. It’s obvious her special status as a friend of Renner, and the darling of the local Democratic Party, has given her privileged status. How can Gleason expect the Citizens to take him seriously when they hire an attorney and try to pass him off as a “independent investigator”? This attorney is beholding to the people that hired him, and to prove my point, he couldn’t of done much of an investigation because he never contacted me.

  2. With Renner the mayor, only yes men or yes women or yes weird genders will be hired for any job or as a supported candidate. Anyone with a brain that can think for themselves need not apply.

  3. I will be printing your research pertaining to Miss Richards and mailing them to Gleason. Since he is unable to do the research and see for himself, I’ll help him out. I encourage others who feel inclined to do the same.

  4. Tim Gleason looks like David Hales, acts like David Hales, talks like David Hales, thinks like David Hales and administrates like David Hales. I’m beginning to think Hales never left.

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