Update: Bloomington failed you: Nikita Richards

The City’s personal press is reporting Nikita has been cleared!  When consultants are hired they always give the requested results.  Congrats citizens!

I wonder how they explain all these websites:   https://blnnews.com/2018/10/12/gleason-cant-find-a-problem-with-nikita/

By:  Diane Benjamin

The ethics complaint filed with the City of Bloomington by Kevin Gerrard was never taken seriously.  As this email proves, the city didn’t care about what websites Nikita Richards visited while being paid by taxpayers, they called it politically motivated:

Kevin only filed the complaint because the activity took place while Nikita was being paid to do a job.

Does the City allow other employees to hold a second or third job and do them while taking a city salary?

Kevin stated in the complaint why he filed it:

If Nikita had been held accountable for her actions it wouldn’t have meant her campaign would end, just that citizens in Bloomington weren’t funding it.

I filed the FOIA request to see how many people contacted the city.  There was at least one other citizen and at least two emails from media.  Evidently media can’t tell the difference between a complaint about campaigning while being paid by taxpayers and a political complaint.

Of course we already know to be suspicious of reporting by the Pantagraph, add WGLT to the list.










13 thoughts on “Update: Bloomington failed you: Nikita Richards

  1. Makes you wonder how many other City workers are running a side hustle inside City Hall in plain sight. It appears Nikita does nothing for the people of Bloomington, but instead campaigns and runs her consulting firm on taxpayers’ time and dime. So sad.

  2. It is nearly impossible to fire or discipline an employee who is part of a protected element of society.

      1. Very true Diane.Tweety, they tried their hardest to fire a good cop with 19 yrs on the job for something really silly, and they almost ruined the poor fella. What he was nothing compared to the horse hockey that’s going on now. Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest , Yahoo Chat, Google Chat, should almost be banned for use in City Hall except for only a few key supervisors. Why? They are too busy screwing off at our expense, Does anyone know why , ( other than reading this column, yes it showed up) Nora Duchowitz would need Facebook, Twitter, and Chat? Gorman? Shayna? Gorman? Is the gang back up to mean spirited Memes again? If you are wondering why I asked that, I FOIA’d Nora’s computer activity for a full month, and not as many analytical sites showed up on her computer as Nikita’s. They both like Facebook a lot, Twitter too. There was Chat ac5ivity, anyone shops for cars while the other prefers real estate. Maaybe we should ask the counsel to provide cams for some of these people omthey can be monitored or go back to old Selectric Typewriter and take their toys away from them.

  3. Priceless! That is picture is billboard material! Nikita and Stalin in the same photo. If that does not motivate you to vote nothing will!

  4. I hope the voters of Bloomington and McLean County are enjoying their taste of Chicago Democrat corruption! I’m sure Renner and his new lapdog Gleason investigated Richard’s crimes just as thoroughly as the FBI looked into crooked Hillary’s 33,000 emails. Tari, may have exonerated your cohort… but will the voters?

  5. The city workers are definitely running a scam considering their salary and pension spiking oensions. I don’t think that can be done in the private sector.

  6. If anyone is surprised about the results of the investigation of Nikita , they obviously haven’t lived in Illinois very long. Nikita is LIBERAL! In Illinois liberals NEVER get fingered for crimes. If they do and get punished for it, it is because they were either caught or they weren’t playing the racket right.

    1. Just see what Madigan did to Blagojevich when crooked Mikey wasn’t going to get his cut for selling Obama’s Senate seat.

  7. Local lying media channel 25 just reported that the ethics probe on Nikita was “unfounded.” The bovine excrement meter just exploded!

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