Why Bloomington-Normal is doomed

By:  Diane Benjamin

We live in a capitalist country.  It’s called individual freedom to succeed or fail.  The individual is the most important factor in success, the “collective” has no part in capitalism.  Individuals must be free to make their own decisions.  Capitalism doesn’t see genders, race, sexual orientation or any other tags used to divide people.  Individuals see a need and fill it.

Economics is constantly changing, a company raking in dollars this decade can be immaterial the next.  Why?  Because individuals are constantly learning and finding new and better ways  to produce, perform, or serve.  Nothing stays the same.  Companies like Google and Facebook are already in decline because we demand better.  The human mind has the creativity to create better, and they will.

What does any of this have to do with Bloomington-Normal?

Both towns spent millions on Master Plans.  Those Master Plans are about control – what they want to see, not what will work.  They only look for the “right fit”.  The “right fit” isn’t capitalism and therefore will fail.

The best example is Complete Streets.  East Washington was narrowed for bike lanes, yet bikes are rarely seen.  Since the Master Plan calls for a lot more E Washington’s, more money will be thrown away for non-existent bikes.  Taxes will increase to pay for it and traffic will be slowed as the roads are narrowed.  The need for bike lanes is fake, but since government wills it you will pay for it.

Those who hate capitalism are simply envious and resentful.  They state “trickle down” doesn’t work.  “Trickle down” is the definition of capitalism.  Individual success means hiring people and providing them a paycheck.  Those paychecks are then spent providing paychecks to even more people.  “Trickle down” has lifted people out of poverty not only in this country but around the world.  Those who say capitalism has failed are clueless.

The local use of TIF’s is government creating development that would never happen under capitalism.  Consider One Normal Plaza.  Normal agreed to lease an entire floor for an excessive cost per square foot.  I believe the upscale restaurant on the main floor still hasn’t materialized.  Instead of using future tax revenue as promised to pay the Portillos bill to the same developer, they paid him early.  Tonight Normal will approve yet another development scheme that wouldn’t happen without tax rebates.  Farnsworth has made a lot of money doing government planning.  Now they will locate to a building government helps pay for.

Usurping capitalism means stifling surprise.  I’m sure Bill Gates never dreamed what Microsoft would turn into when he was tinkering in his garage.  His story is the story of America.  It is the story of why people came to this country.  Freedom to succeed.  Freedom to try and try again.

“Right fit” means there won’t be any local surprises.  There won’t be any human minds using individual creativity to create the next “thing”.  The push for democratic socialism is the exact opposite of capitalism.  It fails every time it’s tried.  It has already failed Bloomington-Normal.

Government isn’t capable of doing what individuals can.  Risking somebody else’s money is easy, risking your own means better decisions.  Individuals here aren’t allowed the freedom to succeed or fail unless they are the “right fit”.  The road blocks are firmly in place.

By the way, Microsoft created about 10,000 millionaires.  Yes, it trickled down:   https://www.nytimes.com/2005/05/29/business/yourmoney/the-microsoft-millionaires-come-of-age.html









13 thoughts on “Why Bloomington-Normal is doomed

  1. Yes…central planning didn’t work in the 20th Century and it will definitely not work in the 21st Century. The mindsets of the elites, crony capitalists and liberal leadership here are frozen in a world that no longer exists.

    Here is a recent article that shows in part the kind of world that we now live in: “Google, Apple and 12 other companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree”


    What was Bloomington/Normal’s asset in the 20th Century has become a liability in the 21st Century. We are a two company town (State Farm and ISU) with elites and leadership who refuse to even recognize that change is needed. The bubble that has kept us isolated from the ups and downs of economic disruption is about to burst. Hold on to your hats and kiss your property values goodbye. This is not going to be pretty.

  2. Although capitalism is much preferred form of opportunity, neither socialism or what-ever-ism won’t be any better as the crooks that run the show now are the same crooks that will run the next show. With what-ever-ism change that comes about will simply present more new opportunity for the very rich to steal more wealth from the rest of us.

  3. One would think that Bloomington and Normal would be happy to have anyone start a business. After all, beggars can’t be choosers. Who is really interested in relocating their business to BN? Or growing/expanding it here? The successful business owners I know are increasing their marketing, sales, and growth out of town and out of state. Both cities should look to help business owners by simply staying out of the way, otherwise, these businesses will just go away.

    1. I personally know of two local businesses that have moved out of town recently…. and I know of another business that is planning to move out-of-town and out-of-state next year. And now a business license? These people are insane. Bloomington hired the right city manager…. these idiots will not be happy until they have turned this town in to Decatur 2.0.

  4. This is SO sad! Bloomington/Normal, previously with such promise, is now becoming a socialist wasteland of bureaucracy stifling innovation! Businesses who recognize that and/or are affected by the way things are going have either moved out or have plans to. We The People have no voice there, as individuals or as businesses owners, unless we tow the collective “party line” and fall into lockstep with their destructive policies and culture.
    Woe to you, BloNo!
    This is why I keep saying “I’m SO GLAD we relocated to Arizona, for the sake of our business and personal lives!”

  5. “Isms, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself.” Ferris Bueller.

  6. That’s why we need you to run for mayor, Diane!! You would crush that little pipsqueak Tari!!! I could see it now. After you tear him apart at the debate Renner says “Please stop Diane, you are far much superior to me. YOU WIN!!”. Then, as the good folk are carrying you around on their shoulders in victry cryin’ Tari starts whimperin in the corner. Then I go over to him, bend his little puke head down, and break wind into his ugly little face. All the while I scream “This is for the good CONSERVATIVE people of Bloomington!!!!!!!!”

  7. But, but , but, comrade Stalin said the 5 year plans would work didn’t he. Look at Mother Russia now.

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