Why Bloomington-Normal is doomed

By:  Diane Benjamin We live in a capitalist country.  It’s called individual freedom to succeed or fail.  The individual is the most important factor in success, the “collective” has no part in capitalism.  Individuals must be free to make their own decisions.  Capitalism doesn’t see genders, race, sexual orientation or any other tags used to […]

A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending

Years ago, Gates paid NGA to “rethink policies on teacher effectiveness.” One man, lots of money, nationally shaping a profession to which he has never belonged. Note:  A group of concerned parents will be marching in the Thresherman’s Parade in Pontiac on Sunday handing out information to parents! This is a post about Bill Gates […]

Common Core: an assault on education by the 60’s radicals

An Interview with Paul Horton: Monopolies, Tomfooleries, Conspiracies and Skullduggery Posted by Michael Shaughnessy EducationViews Senior Columnist on August 29, 2013 in Commentaries, Daily, Editor’s Pick,Insights on Education, Teachers | 1 Comment Paul Horton Source:  http://educationviews.org/an-interview-with-paul-horton-monopolies-tomfooleries-conspiracies-and-skullduggery/ Michael F. Shaughnessy 1) Paul, there has been a lot written about certain book companies, and test companies being almost a monopoly. It has been years since I […]