Rule of Law Matters because women do LIE

By:  Diane Benjamin

In this country the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Allegations mean nothing without proof.  Way too many people think that women should always be believed when they accuse a man of sexual assault.  They are wrong, below is why:

Brian Banks was a great high school football player with a promising future.  He spent 5 years in prison after being accused of rape by a classmate.  He was exonerated after the “victim” admitted on Facebook she lied.

This one is from the UK.  A 17 year old killed himself after being accused of rape.  The accusation was withdrawn, but it broke him.  Later his mother took her own life stating she didn’t see a future without her son.

The parents of five high school girls are being sued by the parents of a boy they falsely accused of sexual assault just because “they don’t like him”.  Their son spent time in a juvenile facility and home detention.  Because of their bullying he is now home schooled.

I’m sure I could find more.

#MeToo crossed a line at the Kavanaugh circus.  People demanded Dr Ford be believed with ZERO proof. She was treated with respect by the GOP on the Judiciary Committee, but with NO corroborating evidence Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Thinking people want laws to matter.  If you don’t vote for people who believe laws do matter, incidents like the above will become more common.  Guilty in the court of public opinion without proof destroys civility.

It already has on the ISU campus, evidently they are taught what to think instead of HOW to think.  The taxes we pay are being used to create non-thinking uniformed adults. The future with these future leaders is bleak.



10 thoughts on “Rule of Law Matters because women do LIE

  1. The Brian Banks story is great in that the accuser also was forced to pay 2.5 million back to cover court costs etc.
    It would help if it became well known that if you get caught in such a lie you will do the same amount of time the accused was forced to do. The real harm to the accused is even when proven wrongly convicted they still never get their previous life back. While not physically assaulted the accuser has done as much damage as a rape if committed would have done. #Metoo has become a joke and a tool used by many to get back at people they don’t like or wish to disgrace, unfortunately with a large supporting base that allows it to be judge and jury to convict with no trial.

  2. The presumption of innocence is a pillar of our legal system. Removing it provides a clear path to the end of Democracy and the beginning of Authoritarianism.

    1. It is truly a sad and frightening comment on what radical feminism and Leftist politics have done to American when you have to “have courage” to mention the need for evidence and the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”. How long before the show trials and reeducation camps begin?
      Silly question–we are there on college campuses already.

  3. As I was watching the three ring circus better known as Kavanaugh confirmation I was sitting there thinking of the Duke Lacrosse team. A group of boys who had,until the witch hunt started,had a promising life ahead of them.
    “Dr.” Ford would have been more credible if one: Feinstein a very liberal Trump hater had not waited weeks and six FBI investigations later to bring the letter out. And two, the left should have chosen someone who did not have a far left history herself. The entire show stunk of corruption from the very minute the allegation was made.

  4. Brett Kavanaugh is the most INNOCENT man in the world. Except for Mr. President Trumo, who is INNOCENT of the 15 sexual accusatories against him!!!!!!!

    I HAAAAAATE LIBERALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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