Proof of ISU indoctrination

By:  Diane Benjamin

This article was posted in the ISU newspaper – the Vidette – on September 27th and updated on September 30th.

These kids don’t know a thing about innocent until proven guilty.  They have never been taught what “due process” means.  If it was up to them, Brett Kavanaugh would have been banished to Siberia by now.  Proof doesn’t matter.  There isn’t any.  Dr. Ford has NO ONE who can corporate anything she testified to under oath.

Who teaches political science at ISU?  Would that be Erik Rankin – Democrat?










I wonder why Alyssa thinks someone can call for their own FBI investigation.  Does Alyssa know he has already been through SIX FBI investigations?

That brings me to a History major, probably not American History unless it’s been re-written to leave out the Constitution:







Did you notice no one in the story thought Kavanaugh has a right to due process?  The author couldn’t find a kid on campus with  a different viewpoint?  Who is teaching them that women ALWAYS must be believed instead of proving their allegations?

The author is male.  Will he realize he made a BIG MISTAKE if he is unjustly accused?  I hope the women he interviewed aren’t on his jury! 

I emailed the author on Wednesday asking if the story would be updated since information is changing. No response.

Maybe the Vidette can post Sen Susan Collins speech.  Although I normally find her appalling, the speech went through extensive research, law, and history to support her decision to vote YES.

Maybe ISU students aren’t allowed to see truth.  I’m expecting kids throwing temper tantrums when he is approved for the Supreme Court.

I fear for the future of my country!

How to think isn’t taught anymore.  Laws and Constitutional concepts aren’t taught anymore.  Maybe Erik Rankin can explain why innocent until proven guilty isn’t taught.


66 thoughts on “Proof of ISU indoctrination

  1. ISU, and even more so, IWU, are guilty of consistent and pernicious Left wing indoctrination of the most radical sort.
    It permeates every department and every University function. Alumni, PLEASE remember this when they constantly have their hands out demanding your financial support.

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    1. You say the author couldn’t find anyone who disagreed but the author didn’t seek out everyone’s opinion. I think the author should have sought out someone with an opposing viewpoint. But to claim that everyone at ISU believes the same thing and is “indoctrinated” would be false because the author didn’t speak to every person on campus.


  2. Richards had to be admonished after accusing Michaels of being guilty when the investigation is ongoing.
    Some ISU professors don’t understand that the 1st Amendment has to do with GOVERNMENT infringement of the rights of citizens.
    Most young people don’t understand the value of the electoral college and that the USA is not a Democracy but is a democratic, representative Republic smh


      1. NIKITA, NOT A DEMOCRACY! If you think that, you are not fit to be elected to ANY office.
        To mimic Richard’s from the debate:

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      1. OK – really simple… do you want the most populous states to always decide elections? The Electoral College is the great equalizer for the states.

        Here Are the Advantages of the Electoral College

        1. It requires a distribution of popular support.
        Because of the structure of the Electoral College, a President must receive national support to win an election. This promotes a healthy cohesiveness within the country because there must be a distribution of that support so that a majority of electoral votes can be received. Without this structure, a candidate would spend most of their time in large population centers campaigning because that’s where the popular vote would be won.

        2. It gives minority interests a say in the election.
        Since a national level of support is required because of the Electoral College, minority causes, interests, and concerns are given a voice that reaches a national level. The votes of a small minority in a state can sway the difference in an election, especially since most states award all their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. This allows a certain amount of leverage to be used during the election that may not be possible in general society otherwise.

        3. It encourages political stability.
        The United States focuses on a two-party system because of the structure in the Electoral College. That doesn’t mean other political parties can’t get involved in the election. It just means most candidates that are elected will be either a Republican or a Democrat. The only independent candidate to be elected President in US history was George Washington. The last third-party candidate to win a state’s electoral votes was George Wallace in 1968. This means there is a reasonable certainty as to how the government will run, no matter which major party in the US winds up with the white house.

        4. It maintains a system of national representation.
        The United States was founded on the idea that taxation without representation was unfair. It was part of the reason for the rebellion of the colonies in the first place. With the Electoral College, a general consensus can be maintained so the structure of the government and the independent political powers of each state and local government can continue existing. In national representation, each state and population district receives equal representation, in either the house or the senate, and that allows individual voters to still have a say in what happens.

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  3. Kavanaugh wasn’t on trial. It was a job interview. I wonder if it had been a democratic selection up for review and he/she had ranted and raved about right wing conspiracies and how everyone is out to get him. I bet anything you be on here stating unequivocally that he/she was not suited for the highest court. He shouted, he screamed, he talked over female senators, he lied. In the end privilege and entitlement win. Yes, I fear for our country that there will be someone so partisan and unable to be a proper judge of anything.

    I also find it amazing that you were complaining bitterly about girls and women being assaulted in public lavatories by transgender women. Oh, the horror. But when you get a very credible story of a 15-year-old being assaulted sexually, you don’t believe her. I guess due process is only for the Republican white males amongst us.


    1. What 15 year old girl? Ford? You really need a new news source. She will be lucky if she isn’t charged with perjury since everything she testified to has been proven false or she has no corroborating evidence – even from the girlfriend she was supposedly with.


      1. Ford looks as though she will face perjury charges.. In a memo sent to all GOP senators, Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell — who was hired by Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask questions of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford during last week’s hearing — said she did not believe “a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee,”

        This report is very telling and will be the basis to start a perjury investigation on Ford.


      2. So Republican are going to go after a sexual abuse survivor. Just when I thought you could not go even lower. She has been proven false? I think you need a new source. There is a huge difference between people not remembering and saying she’s lying. No one stated she was lying in any review. The FBI investigation was only days with its investigation limited by the White House. The stories of his heavy drinking and belligerent behavior was known at Yale. She was attacked by Kavanaugh. His entitlement and privilege has won the White male network held.

        Kavanaugh lied repeatedly in his remarks. I don’t see any Republican coming after him with perjury charges.

        If you and your posters think this is a winning strategy for Republicans you might be surprised in November.


      3. Could you please take 5 minutes to read this attached memo. It is really quite simple.

        When you are done reading this, present your arguments based on the findings of this professional sex crimes prosecutor, not of things you heard on CNN or MSNBC. We want to operate in a world based on laws and evidence.

        We are waiting for you to comment on the memo of the professional sex crimes prosecutor who interviewed Ford?


    2. Elle—all decorum was lost as Spartacus interrogated the judge. As I recall, members of the judicial committee didn’t give the judge a chance to answer questions. One could say the Senators are not fit for their positions.
      The process has been destroyed. One could also say that mob intimidation has become standard practice for the left leaning citizens. Bullies now rule.


      1. This lifelong former Democrat was appalled and ashamed of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Questioning this man about farting and throwing ice? I hope the investigation into this sham connects many of them to the obvious conspiracy to defame Kavanaugh, to hold the seat open until after the mid-term elections. Watch as Lindsey Graham speaks the truth about this shameful hearing:


    3. According to you, everything that Ford said is to be believed and everthing that Kav said is to be called a lie. What rock from what planet did you just crawl out from underneath?


    4. That’s false…the job interview happened weeks before when he was selected and when the information that Ford had turned over to the dems should have been brought up. This was a hearing for the accusations…


  4. People on twitter are telling conservatives to stay home and not confront the leftist loonies who will be rampaging and losing their minds after the Kavanaugh vote tomorrow. The next two weeks are going to be scary and we will be lucky if no one is seriously injured or killed. Yes.. this is how bad it has gotten… so this ISU professor? He is a provocateur for this madness. He should be disciplined.


      1. Yeah sure, boofing is not about farting. It’s isn’t about farting now and it wasn’t about farting in 1984. You can look up what exactly it entails since I’m pretty sure you’d delete my reply if I told about what it is–He also lied about other things during the confirmation hearing. Republican only allowed a half-baked investigation that excluded sensitive topics and exempted witnesses, including the accused. (Imagine the FBI, in any other matter, having access to the accused and refusing to interview him or her).

        There was no norm Republicans would not shred, no insult or argument they would be ashamed to make. This is “a scary time” for men, President Trump said. On its face that’s absurd, but by now Republicans are practiced in pretending that absurd things are true and that criticism of inanities denotes their opponents’ lack of goodwill. Insult the victim? Check! Put a judicial nominee on Fox News? Sure! Write an op-ed to not-exactly-apologize for an unhinged rant? Of course! Throw a temper tantrum and then excuse it because he’s a father, a son and a husband? Yep! Make up a nonsense theory about mistaken identity? You bet!


  5. I have to agree. This confirmation has been more of a circus by the DEMOCRATS then P.T. Barnum could EVER have created or dreamed of. There ARE several flaws in her story, but ONE of the most telling, is when she said that there was music playing-WHAT SONG? I’m SURE that we ALL can remember certain events by the song. WHY not her? That’s just one, not to mention her “puzzle-work” memory.. IF you find a TOTALLY unbiased human to sit on the court, then GOD has offered his services, but the Democrats would probably find fault with him being a Christian.. or SOMETHING.

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    1. What had Dr. Ford to gain from coming forward? Nothing. Apparently now she’s being labelled a liar. Well what does it for any other victims of sexual assault? Don’t come forward, you won’t be believed especially if it’s a Republican white male you’re accusing. Furredaboutit. Not only that, you be labeled crazy and weird conspiracy theories will be spun about you.

      All the victims in Catholic Church must have been lying also because they came forward years later. There wasn’t a lot of collaborating evidence there either, just the word of the victim. The fact is that many sex crimes have only two witnesses, the assaulter and the victim. Prosecutors get convictions all the time. They do more than a three days of investigation.

      Dr. Ford had told her therapist about the assault years ago and named Brent Kavanaugh as her assaulter.

      Guilty until proven innocent? Again this was not a trial. It was a job interview. Kavanaugh lied repeatedly about many subjects including his history of drinking.

      “But in Kavanaugh’s case, the yearbook references are relevant. Since facing sexual assault allegations, Kavanaugh has tried to cast himself as a choir boy during his high school and college years, stressing his time spent attending church and performing service projects. But the yearbook offers a glimpse of the Kavanaugh that Ford and Ramirez remember—a young man who drank to excess and found humor in the disrespecting of women.

      Kavanaugh’s answers to the Senate about the meaning of these yearbook references defy credulity—and directly undermine his credibility. They suggest he is unwilling to admit the truth about even the smallest of matters.”


      1. She has a lot to gain, hundred of thousands of $$$ so far. Probably book deals and a movie. Guilt has to be proven. She didn’t have any, nobody took her sue. BK is innocent until proven guilty. Accusations mean nothing. Google men falsely accused. Ford destroyed the possibility of any women being believed, she is a proven liar if you look at facts.


      2. Already go fund me pages set up over 700k so far. She has a lot to gain. Fame from the left and lots of money. I detailed some of her lies in another post.

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  6. Just as an aside here… this whole thing has completely energized the supporters of Trump and the GOP. I predict that the Democrats will be wiped out in November. People are mad and they are going to vote. Can you blame them? This was a planned character assassination of a man serving on the 2nd highest court in the land with a Judicial and personal record that is spotless. This has backfired on the Democrats… the last nail in their coffin is being driven in on Nov 6th. Watch this to see what I mean:


  7. Add witness tampering to the charges against Dr Ford and her beach people. Her testimony was compelling but unfortunately it has been proven full of lies. You can’t make a false claim about someone with ZERO corroborating evidence in this country and not face consequences. Check out the facts of the second door. Installed in 2008 4 years before this memory was recovered. The second door was used for a separate apartment and office. Not as a separate egress from the main residence. The fear of flying has been debunked. Her lawyers didnt tell her that the senate would come to her so the public spectacle could happen. My question to anyone who believes her is what if similar evidence was presented with no corroboration about you son, your brother, your dad, your husband. Democrats should be ashamed. I have two daughters and tell them they must tell someone if they ever feel abused. If they don’t they are just setting up another victim. Kudos to senator Collins and her detailed reasoning for support.

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  8. The circus with Kavanaugh made the Spanish Inquisition look like a slumber party. ISU is just another LIBERAL offshoot of the Obama regime so NONE of this surprises me

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  9. “She has a lot to gain, hundred of thousands of $$$ so far. Probably book deals and a movie. Guilt has to be proven. She didn’t have any, nobody took her sue. BK is innocent until proven guilty. Accusations mean nothing. Google men falsely accused. Ford destroyed the possibility of any women being believed, she is a proven liar if you look at facts.”

    So again according to you there is NO such thing as sexual assault ALL men are innocent. ALL women are lying. If a women comes forward she is lying and doing it for money. “nobody took her sue.”??? What does that even mean? If I had to say it again I’ll SAY IT AGAIN, IT WAS NOT A TRIAL.

    All I have to say is that I really feel sorry for any of your daughters or granddaughters, if they are sexually assaulted they won’t be believed.


      1. So all of the victims of clerical abuse all lied because they came out 36 years to sometimes longer with their allegations? Prosecutors spend more than three days investigating allegations, that’s what the FBI investigation took in this case. They would have also talked to Kavanaugh AND Dr. Ford which they didn’t. They would also investigate Kavanaugh’s friends from Yale who had evidence of his heavy drinking including a bar fight Kavanaugh instigate during his Yale years.

        They would also investigate the contemporaneous notes taken by Dr. Ford’s therapist, who Dr. Ford was seeing for many years. Dr. Ford named Kavanaugh as her abuser LONG before he became SCOTUS. None of this was done by the FBI, it was a half baked investigation.

        You contention that Dr. Ford is doing this for “money” flies in the face of the fact that she originally wanted to be anonymous. I want to thank all Republican for shutting up sexual abuse victims. Well done.


    1. All men are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Same as all women. Not all women are lying but a small minority DO lie. CBF may have been sexually assaulted by someone but there is not a shred of evidence that BK did this. The left called him guilty before any information was presented. Thank goodness the Republican senators didn’t cave to the paid left protestors. Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh. Good job defending your good name.

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      1. 90 percent of rape and sexual assaults are never reported. Sexual assault and rape are lonely crimes since there usually only two witnesses, the assauter and the victim. That’s why many victims never come forward. The percentage of “false” reporting is about .0010 percent which includes claims not substantiated. Clerical sexual assault is very much part of the discussion since victims were not believed and because the accused were powerful just like Kavanaugh. Many victims didn’t come forward for years.

        Kavanaugh was able to lie with impunity because Republicans were desperate to get him approved before the midterm. Kavanaugh was not on trial. So innocence or guilty were moot. He failed in having the temperament for the job. Former Justice Stevens felt he was not qualified to be in the Supreme Court. He also proved himself to be an extreme partisan hack.

        You have no evidence that there any “paid” protesters. There are many passionate victims of sexual violence who were speaking out and will not be silenced. Kavanaugh repeatedly lied about his drinking, and his disrespect for women. The Republicans have told women and sexual abuse victims that they aren’t important and that white male entitlement and privilege pay.


  10. We must all celebrate the fact the Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is still alive and well in our republic. Leftist loonie mob rule has been beaten back (for now). And for you, Elle.. I provide you once again with Susan Collins historic speech on her journey to decide how she was going to vote. Close your mind if you want… but Susan says everything you NEED to know about what has happened. Watch it and open your eyes and your mind to the truth.

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  11. And Kavanaugh is still a liar even if he is on the Supreme Court. The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is now in question. It has become a highly partisan entity.

    Collins offered not a peep about the vile disparagement of accusers offered by President Trump. Her speech was a rambling, self serving 45 minutes. She somehow knows Kavanaugh will not do the things he will most likely do on the court. In the near future no president will be held accountable the rise of the dictator president will be affirmed.

    You cannot say your party that embraces a deeply misogynistic president who bragged about sexually assaulting women and mocked and taunted a sex-crime victim; accepted a blatantly insufficient investigation of credible sex crimes against women in lieu of a serious one that the White House counsel knew would be disastrous; repeatedly insulted and dismissed sex-crime victims exercising their constitutional rights; has never put a single woman on the Judiciary Committee (and then blames its own female members for being too lazy); and whips up male resentment of female accusers is a party that respects women. Its members resent women. They scorn women. They exclude women. They use women to maintain their grip on power. But they do not respect them.

    One final thought this may or may not fire up your base, but it will not gain you the independent vote and in particular the woman independent vote.


      1. Perhaps if you actually read what I wrote, it would be worth your time. If you can’t read opposing viewpoints then your mind is closed. I bother to read what you write and try to write thoughtful responses. You should extend that curtesy to those you don’t agree with


    1. Sorry but I don’t have the time or the motivation to read your verbal diarrhea. I have been pretty busy celebrating our win! Perhaps you should prepare for the next Supreme Court nominee? Ruth Ginsberg will be retiring after the mid-term elections. A friend asked me today if I am tired of winning? The question for you Elle is… are you tired of losing yet? LOL MAGA!


      1. I think you will be tired of winning when rampant inflation begins. Trump’s administration is now spending more money then they are taking in. There is a huge debt and deficit that not being paid down. Those economic chicken will come home to roost. Also we are not winning the trade war. Those chickens are already pecking right Now. Verbal diarrhea? That funny I’m writing not talking.


  12. To get back on topic for a moment, am I the only one who thinks that if a student who has presumably been learning political science at ISU for 3 years is still unfamiliar with the very basic concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, perhaps somebody should consider revoking ISU’s accreditation?

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    1. I agree…the roots of this go back to the Magna Carta – I was recently watching a video where they asked this very question to people who were protesting Kavauaugh – they thought that “innocent until proven guilty” only applied in a court of law during a criminal trial. Believing that Kavauaugh was guilty and should be disqualified was a very reasonable thing for them. Yes substituting the rule of law and the presumption of innocence with mob rule was what they thought should happen. We are teetering close to what some would call the beginnings of a civil war. These are very serious times that we are living in. These crazies must not be allowed to gain power. What begins as “guilty until proven innocent” ends up being where people are hauled away in the middle of the night for crimes they didn’t commit. So far we have avoided this constitutional crisis… but we must continue to fight those (like this Elle) who would turn our Republic into a dystopian nightmare.


  13. Thanks for the link, it was a great piece.

    Happy anniversary to Don, it was 2 years ago when we heard Don admit how he likes to grab women and how he can get away with it because he is famous.. It is not surprising that the people who look up to Don would support Bart…or Brett.


      1. The Democrats were on a witch hunt with Judge Kavanaugh …. Thank god the day of shouting in the streets, “she’s a witch” are gone. Yes the Salem witch trials of long ago are a perfect example of where “guilty until proven innocent” leads. A 36 year old accusation with no evidence and no corroboration was enough to have the Democrats and loonie leftists shouting “he’s a rapist!” What is next? Burn Kavanaugh or the next nominee that they don’t like at the stake? Ruth Ginsberg is next up for replacement… yes elections have consequences… Deal with it Dems… it is not over for 6 more years (at least). And once again… we are winning and it feels pretty good! Next is Hillary for jail…


    1. Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie……Not that the facts matter to you (And I’m not saying that it was PRESIDENT Trump’s finest moment), but “we heard Don admit how he likes to grab women and how he can get away with it because he is famous” is NOT what he said, AT ALL. IF you can read, I will send you the transcript.

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      1. This guy is nothing but one of the liberal gaslighters who can’t bring a real argument to the table. It is what they do because they really have no arguments or they are not smart enough to bring them forward. Due process doesn’t matter… deliberate politically motivated character assassination doesn’t matter… they Gaslight by deflection or lies or trying to make people question their point of view or their sanity. It is all they have. And yes they are unpatriotic Americans who would lead us to a dystopian society that no one would want to be part of. MAGA Winning


  14. The best part is when these snowflakes enter the real world and it smacks them with a dose of reality square in the face. The ISU campus might be full of safe spaces, but the real world is not. It’s full of expectations. The circus concocted by the Democrats is backfiring, according to Rassmussen pols.

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