Weekend Kavanaugh

I deleted more Kavanaugh comics than I used!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Kavanaugh

  1. The democrats persecution of Judge Kavanaugh. Does this mean that a preceden has been set for Joe Biden and other known perverts running for office will be dropped? Wow, just when ya thought all ya had was a pile of crap all of a sudden it can be converted into fossil fuels.

  2. I’m GLAD this has energized the Republicans! I hope to see EVERY Democrat running for office in November beat so bad that they wouldn’t be fit for liberal sausage! Next stop, J.B. Jen, Nikita, Tari, Koos and the other law twisting “preverts”

    1. I agree it has woken up the sleeping republicans. I hope you are correct about November but there are too many ignorant voters out there still that just vote by color of skin, sex or what the lame stream media has said without checking facts. I believe what one of the Japanese generals said when pearl harbor was bombed, “You may have woken a sleeping tiger” (something like that at least). Republicans get out and vote….send a message that we have had enough of the democratic tactics.

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