THUD – Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

October 2nd Board of Trustees Packet

The September meeting was moved to October.

August consultants:

It only took 2 months to lose almost $2,000,000!

PDF page 10:

Cost per trip last August was $3.71, in August of 2018 it was $4.07.  Cost per trip for Connect Mobility went up too, see the next page.

PDF page 14:

Ridership is higher which doesn’t make sense.  Cost per rider should have decreased.  Same for Mobility on the next page.

See PDF page 22:

Only 1 route has a reasonable number of boarders per hour – Redbird.  The rest of the routes bring that number down to an appalling 22.97 which is why empty buses are seen all over town.

Year-To-Date it’s only 20.39 – PDF page 23.

See PDF page 25:

Did you know the transportation funding bill is called THUD?

Seems appropriate to me!

See PDF page 30. Looks like the Feds are giving them $12,627,670 this year.  Yes, that’s your money!

Reading the rest is making me ill.  If you read it and see anything interesting, let me know.




12 thoughts on “THUD – Connect Transit

  1. Disgusting! Even if we were to accept the argument of the local lefties that only a small percentage comes from the local government of Bloomington and Normal, these are not insignificant amounts, folks. $50.8k and $32.5K per month, respectively, can be put to much better use. Hold the line on taxes, shrink the debt, address infrastructure, or maybe, just maybe, begin to confront the economic decline in the Twin Cities that Renner and Koos seem to believe doesn’t exist.

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  2. How about we take this $12 million a year we are loosing and built a GIGANTIC radio radar receiver and search for pulsars, quasars, gamma ray sources, black holes and Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, since there obviously don’t seem to be ANY here. The Government gives money for this too!


  3. An open discussion and perhaps legal action should be conducted regarding the consultant fees involved in local governments. If voting and public opinion fail to rectify the ills in our society, we may well live in the United States Socialist Republic, U.S.S.R.
    for short. The time has come to ask the children “What did you learn in school today”?

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    1. They are learning about safe spaces… they may be a boy or a girl or both…Islam is the religion of peace…everyone should get free everything from the government….white people (especially males) need to shut up and die….guns are bad and are responsible for violence and should be banned ….minorities (people of color) are discriminated against everywhere…Trump is Hitler…. micro-aggressions are real… Capitalism is bad…Socialism is good…. the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth….Speech you disagree with needs to be banned…. beating up people you disagree with is OK…. living with your parents at age 35 is normal.


  4. Local tax dollars support McLean County Regional Planning Commission +/- $100K annually from Bloomington. This consultanting fee was in addition to that??? smh


  5. Hey Townie, think of all of the alumiun foil we could buy to wrap tari’s head to protect him from the aliens and conservatives. Might do the trick.


  6. I have noticed several smaller CT buses (on stretched van chassis) powered by propane but unfortunately, about half were on the business end of a tow truck. How many more millions of taxpayer’s $$$ will CT waste before finding equilibrium for the small market of B/N?

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