Bloomington – Let’s Tax Monday!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

Celebrate: More employees getting a higher pension by spiking:

SLBB is Sick Leave Buy Back – a penalty for allowing this will be coming

I don’t know why they went to Indianapolis, the question is:  Did they have to send FIVE?  


Seriously?  A liquor license for Game Time Gym?

This in on the Consent Agenda, meaning unless an alderman pulls it no discussion will take place.

The Game Time financial statement is included – PDF page 126 and following.

The City claims to be trying to align employee benefits with the private sector. What’s your deductible?  10 times higher?  More?  (PDF page 237)

PDF page 159 – Minor attempt at fixing spiking?

PDF page 239 – Pay up and you can have a dock at Lake Bloomington!

All businesses will be required to REGISTER!
PDF page 275

Expect this fee to double and be annual within 5 years because staff spends too much time on renewals.  Apartment registrations doubled, this one will too.

More proof Bloomington is in Illinois – Fees Fees Fees!

See PDF page 309 and following.  (Breathing hasn’t made the list yet)

The City expects to raise $225,000 in program cost recovery.

Expect your costs to go up in response.  The fee list is TWENTY pages long.

The charts on PDF pages 375-385 might be easier to follow.


Side note:

I just got off the phone with a friend in Florida.  He was at a convenience store today.  A “help wanted” sign was on the door.  No experience pays $17.50 to start, manager experience $35.00 an hour!  Oh, and Florida doesn’t have an income tax.










11 thoughts on “Bloomington – Let’s Tax Monday!

  1. Go to Game TIme Gym II website, first thing that pops up is a vidieo of 8-10 year olds playing basketball. They need a liquor license?

  2. Bargaining with …Machinists, Aerospace Workers Lodge 1000…Do you folks have rocket scientists planning Downtown’s future ?

  3. Let’s charge businesses a fee. You know, target entities that create jobs and foster growth. Let’s take more money away from them to re-engineer Downtown Bloomington and pay for a bigger monthly kiss in the mail for City pensioners. Are Tari and the Council aware that Bloomington is in an economic decline and both payroll numbers and average payroll checks are down? Let’s send out some positive, business-friendly vibes to attract new businesses. The EDC and City Hall are either ignoring or scaring businesses away…unless of course, it’s the “right fit”.

  4. Some of the leagues game time mentions in its support are early morning leagues. Perhaps they are encouraging selling bloody Mary’s and mimosas so a bunch of adult players to stick around to drink and watch kids games? It is already a mess in there when trying to switch up leagues. I guess they are encouraging people to drink and then go out into their parking lots at times there are lots of kids? They realize alcohol sells and makes a bunch of money. Too bad Renner and his cronies only want to support who they feel are the best fit for their liberal agenda.

    In regard to the deductibles, that is still about 1/8 to 1/10 of what people in the private sector pay. Start hiking their deductibles to $2,500 per person and $5,000 per family to even sniff what real private sector families pay.

    1. The employees only pay 25% of the premium. With low deductible, the premium is higher. Not much savings here.

  5. about this business tax: if your business is located outside of Tari’s kingdom but you do business in the kingdom are you taxed as well?

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