Connect Transit May report

By: Diane Benjamin Ridership was down in May – PDF page 8 PDF page 7 – the May loss was slightly less than $1 million. You can’t make this stuff up: The appropriations bill for Transportation is named: THUD See PDF page 14. It stands for Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. Also on the […]

Connect Transit meeting today

By: Diane Benjamin So close to $1 million lost: Ridership has started to recover, it isn’t back: A few expenses paid: Connect still hasn’t found a new Executive Director. They do keep meeting in secret however. PDF page 25: Insurance coverage is going to cost $614,226 for FY 2022. That is a 16.5% increase. […]

Bloomington – Let’s Tax Monday!

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: Celebrate: More employees getting a higher pension by spiking: SLBB is Sick Leave Buy Back – a penalty for allowing this will be coming I don’t know why they went to Indianapolis, the question is:  Did they have to send FIVE?  ↓ Agenda: Seriously?  A liquor license for Game Time […]

Update: Council is selling out taxpayers tonight

No discussion!  Passed 9-0 along with the rest of the consent agenda.   By:  Diane Benjamin Citizens are OUTRAGED that City employees have been allowed to spike their pensions by accumulating sick days.  The costs to taxpayers is close to $2 million. Tonight the Council will approve a new union contract, with a $200 signing […]