Connect Transit May report

By: Diane Benjamin

Ridership was down in May – PDF page 8

PDF page 7 – the May loss was slightly less than $1 million.

You can’t make this stuff up: The appropriations bill for Transportation is named:


See PDF page 14. It stands for Transportation and Housing and Urban Development.

Also on the same page – Progressives want FREE buses and trains.

PDF page 15 – DOT has issued a 180 day waiver for “Buying American Made” products for construction requirements.

PDF page 29 – Heartland will pay Connect $96,000 a year so students and staff can ride for free.

PDF page 30 – All checks Connect write require 2 signatures. They now have 4 people who can sign checks. Instead of having only 2 people to hold accountable they have no way of preventing 2 others from conspiring to sign checks the other 2 don’t know anything about.

PDF page 32 – Connect will have a new advisory group of people who use the system. It won’t include the people who have to pay for the empty buses. Previous groups like Connect to the Future are disbanded.

PDF page 39 – See what was negotiated with union personnel.

2 thoughts on “Connect Transit May report

  1. I saw an electric bus the other day. I was just so filled with pride that our leadership here is moving our area toward green sustainable transportation for our children’s future. Now all you selfish people out there need to ditch your greenhouse gas emitting “cars and SUVs” and ride the electric buses. The buses seem to all have plenty of room on them for all you gas-guzzling climate killers. So junk that car/SUV/truck and join the green revolution! (This message was approved by Mayor Koos and Reich Minister Reece)

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  2. The composition of the Connect Transit board tells you all you need to know about the deficit/grift operation the city is running thru this so called ‘transportation program’

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