Town of Normal last night

By: Diane Benjamin

There was 1 Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting – Karl Sila. 1:45.

Another person was prevented from speaking by Normal’s tyrannical policy until the end of the meeting. When it was finally her turn she wasn’t there. Liz Burton was called at 1:34:35. Normal should be ashamed of themselves for not letting citizens speak.

In yet another example of tyranny, STAFF decided the Town’s sign policy needed to change. They created a “starting point” for the Council to pass and send to the Planning Commission. Unelected staff created it, unelected Koos appointees will hear testimony. Citizens and business owners who can find out when and where the meeting is get to comment. This is alcohol at One Normal Plaza 2.0 where staff and Koos cronies make the rules for Council to rubberstamp.

The real goal of changing the sign policy is to regulate political signs. Other types of signs are included in the changes too, this is a textbook case for unintended consequences. The Town claims they want to treat all signs the same, regulating political signs violates 1st Amendment Rights to free speech and also violates Illinois law. Instead of having a public Council discussion, the Town wants the discussion where it is difficult for citizens to participate and monitor. See 56:45 to hear political signs are the target.

Chris Koos claimed people have complained to him about signs. Instead of trying to regulate speech Koos should have said the Town can’t. (get over it, the signs are temporary) Scott Preston actually sided with Stan Nord against sending staff’s recommendations to the Planning Commission.

See 44:45. Kevin McCarthy claims he went to a meeting that discussed why companies choose to locate in a particular place. The discussion was about approving easements with Rivian for water and sewer projects. Kevin claimed Normal is preparing for future development, Rivian won’t be paying tap-on fees to help recover the cost for taxpayers.

Normal: Kevin is describing exactly how Bloomington got a NEVER-USED fire station. They thought Diamond Star would spur development that never materialized. Bloomington wasted at least $4 million.

Harmon Grants were almost doubled this year. Pam Reece stated that was because events weren’t held during COVID. See 18:45. Stan Nord asked why the amounts were doubled to defray events expenses when events didn’t happen. He attempted to cut the amount in half and failed to get a second. The comment to see is Chris Koos at 20:35. The recipients of the grants have already been told they are going to get the money, therefore it can’t be cut. The Council is immaterial. Chemberly Cummings proves that in this comment:

Of course there where Point of Orders called, Out of Order calls, and attacks on Stan Nord. Watch the meeting yourself if interested. Kathleen Lorenz (1:40:20) commented at the end of the “bad” meeting about mudslinging. Maybe if somebody else on the Council cared Stan wouldn’t have to ask all the questions.

Entire meeting:

4 thoughts on “Town of Normal last night

  1. Kathleen Lorenz, Kevin McCarthy and Kris Koos voted to ban businesses from having more than one temp sign. That is B.S! The Chamber better stop endorsing people who hurt businesses or they will never see another dollar from me.

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  2. When a council member is accused of “harassment” as Mr. Nord was during this council meeting and is then verbally reprimanded for objecting to the blatant personal affront, there is something very wrong in this council.
    I continue to be impressed by Mr. Nord standing his ground as he is obviously in a corner fighting by himself to clarify for the citizens of Normal, the decisions made by the mayor’s council.

    The rest of the council may as well just stay at home and defer to the mayor and staff.
    Their restating the mayor’s objections to Mr. Nord for opening his mouth is unnecessary bluster and posing.

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  3. LaDue v Gilleo. 9-0 SCOTUS. Political & religious signage are EXEMPT from government regulation unless it is a life safety issue. (Such as obstructing the view of an intersection.)

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